Oliver & Nubia: A new playground!

Hi everyone,

It’s Oliver here. 😀 Our humans received this interesting building set called Blocks the other week!


Oliver: Apparently it’s super easy to build. (Unless you have a pet human that is trying to over-complicate things!!!!)


Oliver: It came all flat packed and with easy instructions. I still wish they had build me the castle on the right…

Nubia: You mean US.

Oliver: Anyhow they eventually built it and we got this amazing tower bridge with loads of hidey holes. 😀


Oliver: I shall call this bridge the Royal Oliver crossing

Nubia: Queen Nubia Jubilee bridge!!!!

Oliver: No…


Oliver: What are you doing down there??? Digging a well? o.o

Nubia: *Crunch crunch*

Oliver: Crunch crunch? YOU found food!!!

Nubia: Maybe. 😀


Nubia: Look it was down there all the time. 😀

Oliver: *Grumbles*


Oliver: Right I had some too now. 😀


Nubia: It’s time for a nap… But I’ll let Oliver tell you more about the Blocks!

Oliver: Thanks sis! I watched the humans assemble this and oh boy even I without opposable thumbs could have done it. 😀

It’s super easy to assemble you just push out all the holes to give us spaces to play with. 🙂 To make it stable it comes with little connectors that you push into the different elements in order to connect them to each other and make them stable and safe for us cat!

If you have children the packs even come with colouring pens that are using colours safe for us felines.

So what are you waiting on get yours today. 😀 These BLOCKS can be found here and are available to be dispatched to many countries.

More Details about BLOCKS can be found on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

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Signed by,

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief


Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Disturber of Peace

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52 thoughts on “Oliver & Nubia: A new playground!

          1. Haha xD. Those scratch boards are fought over here. Both of ours love lying on them as well as scratching them. It’s the perfect bed and play combo I guess 😉

  1. “His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief” & “Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Disturber of Peace”

    You are all amazing… the designer of this block, Marc who takes your photographs, and you are, Oliver & Nubia, and the expressions… by the way who writes all these stories, he is amazing too 🙂 You all fascinated me. I guess, my surprise will be nice in this blocks 🙂 not finished yet, I am excited, so excited… will let you know when they finish. Thank you, have a great weekend, Love, nia

  2. I know that Oliver and Nubia are winners but they really are winners of “the one who has the most toys wins”.
    I have a funny feeling that Diavolo who not only weighs 15 lbs (is that 7.5 kilos?) and chews up cardboard (except his lovely little mouse) would have it destroyed in 10 minutes.
    But Oliver and Nubia….enjoy it. Pretty soon you’ll have any human furniture moved out and you’ll be living in a cat’s only home.

  3. That looks like fun! Mr. M and Purrseidon share a love of boxes, but they can be a bit rough on them, since they often will wrestle over the rights to a given box. Can you let me know how long this construction lasts?

      1. I suspected as much. Purrseidon loved to wrestle, but not with Mr. M… she wrestles with Saphera … don’t know if a cardboard play space would last 2 weeks if she was wrestling with a 100# dog by it. And you saw photos of what happened to the poor cat tree while she was bouncing off the walls, all by herself….

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