Cat Naps photo competition entries – can you spot yours?

icatcare bannerThank you so much to everyone who has entered iCatCare’s 2016 photography competition Cat Naps so far! We’ve already received so many fantastic entries!

Including these photos of unlikely friendships…

icatcare photo 1

These adorable kittens…

icatcare photo 2.jpg

These cats who surely can’t be comfortable…

icatcare photo 3

These cats sleeping in weird places…

icatcare photo 4

And we’re seeing double with these entries…

icatcare photo 5

If you haven’t entered yet then don’t worry you have until 15 May so there’s still plenty of time to enter your photos! Simply click here to enter, or if you’ve already entered why not enter again?

If you have any questions regarding the photography competition click here to read the full terms and conditions, or you can ask in the comments or email


15 thoughts on “Cat Naps photo competition entries – can you spot yours?

  1. incredible photos. Two of them made me laugh out loud…..The cat that is sleeping on human position over the other cat lol and one of the couples of cats. The grey black on with the white and grey, their way to look the camera is top. Kind of is there any problem human? can’t we be romantic?

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