Awkward Sleeper

Awkward SleeperLola loves to take cat naps. It seems like she is able to sleep anywhere, any time. I’ll be honest, I envy her that!

Awkward Sleeper 2There are times though, that she looks so incredibly awkward when she’s asleep. It’s not that she’s contorting (though she does that plenty!) Just… awkward.

Sometimes it’s the way she stretches. Pushing her head forward in such a way that surely it must be uncomfortable! Right? Well, I’m just a human. What do I know about cat naps.

Awkward Sleeper 3Other times it’s the things that she decided to lay on. Aren’t all those bumpy layers beneath your chest disturbing to your sleep? I know I’d be waking up constantly. Or actually I wouldn’t, because I wouldn’t be sleeping on them in the first place!

But really, who am I to judge? Perhaps it’s just the jealousy talking! As long as she’s happy to sleep that way, I’m happy for her.


Lady Joyful

Do your cats often look uncomfortable when they’re sleeping?


36 thoughts on “Awkward Sleeper

  1. I think that’s the joy and mystery of cats. They like to snuggle but often their definition of the perfect spot defies belief. On things, in then, under them and Jamimas favourite place is inside my bed! Have to be careful to cat-proof the bed. Like that is at all possible. I have placed a nice piece of polar fleece fabric where she prefers to curl up but then she just moves to another unprotected area. Can’t fight it. Just learn to live with it. Their love is unconditional.

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