Purrsday Poetry: Her Once Faithful Feline by Patricia Carragon

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Today’s Purrsday Poetry post comes from Patricia Carragon.

Her Once Faithful Feline

Annie found this tiny gray cat
Emaciated and scared
In his New York habitat.
Against the filthy boxes,
He looked upper crust,
Although his urbane manor
Was lined with garbage and rust.


An odd sense of motherhood
Drew Annie towards this cat.
In this neighborhood,
They formed a bond.
Both lacked a pedigree—
As tabbies from the same cloth,
The two of them did agree.

Like her ex-boyfriend’s Siamese,
In each other’s company,
They were much at ease.
Before bringing the cat home,
She caressed his mangy fur.
And the cat, out of friendship,
Reciprocated with a purr.

But their friendship changed.
The months matured into years.
Annie’s neediness enraged
Tabby’s catatonic moods.
He lost his patience and pity
For this human loser,
Who calls him “sweet kitty.”

Instead of kisses,
He’d growl.
If Annie drew closer, he’d hiss.
She wondered if it was his age,
Wishing that she could fathom
The logic of emotion
Or unforecasted tantrum.

She bought treats and toys to mend
Their shaky alliance,
Hoping catnip could befriend,
As well as fresh tuna—
Yet he continued to hiss.
His claws were busy etching
More scratches without a miss.

He was like a cat-o’-nine-tails—
Annie’s tolerance was crashing.
His claws were stronger than nails,
He attacked his toys and her.
She tried to reconcile,
But her once faithful feline,
Was in denial.

Annie grabbed him by the collar,
Ready to send him back
Where he could fight and holler
With his brothers and sisters—
Back to undomestic scorn,
Back to the furrball alley
Where this tabby runt was born.

More growls and caterwauls,
Tabby wasn’t finished yet—
Bestowed more hisses and mauls
Until Tabby booted Annie out,
And slammed the door.
His once faithful mommy’s cries
Were heard no more.

Patricia Carragon, March 2001

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Photo Credit: Sarah Wolfe

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26 thoughts on “Purrsday Poetry: Her Once Faithful Feline by Patricia Carragon

  1. lawjic says:

    To the author: Is this a true story? I adopted a cat like that, but I am still fighting with my ball of fur….I am very interested as to whether or not you just wrote this base on your knowledge of the feral behavior or this is non-fiction and it did happen? This is stunningly well done regardless of whether or not it is or is not true. It happens every day to more than just you and me. Many of us think we can save the FERAL when they do not want to be saved…..I am ALL IN ON THIS. FIVE STARS!

    • Patricia Carragon says:

      this poem was based on my imagination, and how people should take hints and learn from their cats. i wish i could adopt a furry baby, but my landlord is a tough dude! thanks again. =^:^=

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