Meet the Helmet by I Fam Care….

Hello again,

Thank you for stopping by and taking time out of your busy day. I’m Angel from Angel’s Eyes-Persian on Facebook some of you might already know me. Well I’m excited to bring you a new product called the Helmet by I Fam Care.

You can Monitor Family, Home, Pet, or Anything That Matters The Most.

It’s also a monitoring camera system with an interactive social community that allows users to share their favorite moments publicly or with authorized users. Users can leave comments, snap photos, record videos, interact with pets or friends with the built in laser and even pick up on a live feed from public cameras nearby.


This camera system can watch me while mom and dad is away from home through an App off their smartphone it has a Full 360? pan & 70? tilt view with a build in Laser Light to play with your furry friends. It also can record video and take pictures when it detects movement in the room. There is no hiding with the Helmet around. Yikes.. But the best thing is mom and dad can listen and talk to me also through the App on their phone while they are away. It is amazing for them to be able to check on me.


You can put it anywhere in the house it is easy to start up by just plugging in and it’s ready to connect with the App. Its has wireless Wi-Fi connection . The app will provide you with a step-by-step guidance of the process that is easier than ever.  You don’t even need to type in your network’s (long) password, as the monitor will get on your Wi-Fi automatically. Also, all video is streamed directly to your mobile device, which means you don’t need to carry around a pairing unit. This is really an amazing system. Its also has night vision that you can set to automatic detection.

img_20160220_165705940Here is the room mom set this up for you to see but I almost forgot to tell you the you can zoom close to get a better look at me in the window. Mom and dad can feel safe leaving while they run their errands with the Helmet. This system would also be great for a baby’s room or if you can’t afford a security system to watch your home.  Wireless home security systems are now on the rise like never before. The reason for this is because about 25% of burglars cut phone and alarm wires before breaking-in. But you don’t need to have a professional security system to keep an eye on your home. In fact, even having one home video monitor located by the entrance is already beneficial for homeowners. I give this four paws I would give it 5 paws but I only have 4 paws.. But truly this system is Pawsome!

20160119_080512Mom says the best part of having the Helmet is watching me do silly things…Purr…You can go see about getting you a I Fam Care Helmet by following the links below…

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It was nice to see you please leave me a message and let me know what you think about the Helmet. I love to hear from you. And don’t forget to sign-up or the Katzenworld Newsletter!

See you next Thursday,

Angel’s Eyes-Persian

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17 thoughts on “Meet the Helmet by I Fam Care….

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  2. Denise Sanders says:

    Another wonderful review Angel! I look forward to every Thursday to see what your next review is going to be! Xxxxxxxxx

  3. scfjdqueenbeeedit says:

    Watch out for seemingly cute ideas like this one. They are invitations into your private life to hackers and the police surveillance state.

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