Guest Star: Millie And Corn Dog the Cat

Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from our friends Millie and Corn Dog:

Millie and Corn Dog 4

Corn dog was born late June 2015 to a barn cat momma. The momma cat was killed by something only a day or two after having her brand new litter of kittens. Thankfully a wonderful women was there to rescue corn dog  and his several siblings!


Corn dog was raised by her, bottle fed and bathed regularly. We adopted corn dog June 30th and miss Amelia made her debut August 9th! When we first brought Amelia home corn dog was still so young he was accustomed to sleeping on my chest. Amelia just joined in and from there it’s history.

Millie and Corn Dog 3

At the time from lack of cat ownership experience I was unaware that the affection corndog showed Millie may have been a bit strange.  Millie is now 4months old and corndog a little over 5 months old their relationship has done nothing  but grow everyday. They nap together and play together (and would bath together if corndog had his way😂) .

Millie and Corn Dog 1

We have been incredibly blessed with this sweet kitty cat. He has been a blessing to our entire family. My two older boys tote him around and he has nothing but love for all people. We are excited to see what has to come from their sweet bond! Follow there story on Instagram and Twitter!



Thank you for reading their story which brought much joy to us when putting together and don’t forget to email us if you’d like to have your own story featured.

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45 thoughts on “Guest Star: Millie And Corn Dog the Cat

    1. Corn dog was nurtured at 12 weeks 🙂 we are big supporters of keeping the kitty population under control.

          1. Haha yeah! Supposedly it was a recommendation of her vet as Zelda showed signs of depression due to being alone while my sister and partner are at work. She came from a litter of 4? 5? She is certainly much happier now and bonded within days with her new adopted sister (Toffee). I think my sister put up a post about the new arrival on a while ago. I need to tell her to post more often. ;o

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