Oliver & Nubia: 2015 in Photos!

Hi everyone,

As some of you may remember we had the amazing Ian McGlasham over to take photos of Oliver and Nubia. 😀

Since we love showing these off to friends and family we thought it was a very nice idea to create an A3 photobook using PhotoBox. 🙂

The process to create the book was very simple and straightforward! You can have as little or as much involvement in the customisation of your book as you’d like!


The front cover can have a centered photo or like we did in our case a full size image with text below it.

For each of the follow-up pages it’s totally up to you as to how many photos you’d like to place on each site or if you’d like a single “full page” photo instead!


If left to its own the PhotoBox tool will mix and match up the photos in a way that they best fit and as you go along you can either manually change these page by page or even just re-randomise them for a single page. 😀


As you can see from our different choices there really is no limit as to how you structure your photos. You may want to feature a larger number centered in a mosaic style.


Or maybe a large center piece with different variations of the photo on the follow-up page?


The last page again allows for a large feature image or a centered image. The one downside to some may be that unless you pay extra the book will feature a PhotoBox logo on the last page. But at the end of the day wouldn’t you want to let friends know where they can design their own photobook? 😀

A3 photobooks start at £44.99 and while this may seem pricey to some the quality of this book sure more than made up for this! The pages are very thick high quality photo paper and the binding feels strong and reliable for years to come!

In our particular photobook we even went as far as upgrading to the A3 lay flat version which starts at £59.99. We chose this one as we wanted to be able to lay it out neatly on the coffee table while having a drink with friends. (Of course making sure none of them spills coffee onto this book. ;))

If you are looking for something a little cheaper A4 photobooks are available from £29.99. While these won’t make as much of an impact as an A3 on a coffee table they sure are still fantastic to show of your favourite moments. 😀

And don’t forget to check for discounts before placing your order! Often Photobox will list Discounts on their own page / voucher sites for both existing and new customers that could help you save quite a bit of their RRP. 😀

You can even create PhotoBox products on the go by creating your gifts on your mobile!  Visit their mobile website or download their app (available on the App Store, Google Play and Amazon).

I hope you enjoyed a sneak peak at the 2015 photoshoot and if you end up ordering a photo book why not share yours with us!

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33 thoughts on “Oliver & Nubia: 2015 in Photos!

  1. portapatetcormagis says:

    Miss Gorgeous and Mr. Handsome in a photobook of their own 🙂 That’s what I call a good idea. Really great pics!

  2. mvaden1948 says:

    Such a gorgeous book!
    I use a photo service here in the States called Snapfish to make books and calendars. They are very reasonably priced and have a variety of styles which of course vary in price. They often have sales like “buy one book and get two free” and they don’t even have to be the same book….you can do three different ones. No, I don’t work for them but if someone wants the info….www.snapfish.com

  3. chrllrobb.blog says:

    What a great idea! The photos are great and your cats are a beautiful pair. Thank you for sharing. This sounds like a good way to save and share photos. Probably would cost me a fortune to do all the photos I would want to do! 😀

  4. tippysmom2 says:

    Those photos are great and I love the book. There are a few places here in the USA that do something similar. I haven’t tried any of them, but have been thinking about it.

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