Guest Star: Biscuit–Jones Carter-Sly

Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Hannah:

We all know that buying any pet should be something you consider very carefully before you actually go out and do it. After all – to quote the slogan most banded about at this time of year – a dog/kitten is for life – not just for Christmas. So, you may think me and my partner slightly fool hardy to have found and bought a kitten within two days of the subject being mentioned! In our defence though, we lost 15 year old Jasper earlier in the year, and the patter of paws has been sorely missing from our lives since. So! It was with much excitement I responded to him (b/friend) as he arrived in the living room, on Sunday evening, announcing that we should get a Maine Coon!


After googling the cat and finding that some are nearly as large as their owners, I suggested we should set our sights somewhat lower and go for a more regular sized breed? The next thing I know, I have been presented with a list of adorable options including a litter of cross Maine Coon/Persian fluff balls not 40 minutes down the road. Uh oh!

Following a brief discussion, where I got very over excited and mentioned I had birthday money with which to purchase said fluff ball, the decision was made to call the breeder and see if they were still available.  Thirty minutes later we were booked in to go and meet our ‘potential’ new family member the very next day. And not only that – we were booked in at 12.30pm – a full hour before the other prospective cat lovers – so we would get first dibs!

Everything looked like it was going according to plan when on Monday morning, bright and early, the breeder called to check we were still coming. I confirmed we were and jumped in the shower. Following a good hour of deciding what to wear – one has to present ones best self when going kitten buying, I left the house to pick up the car and cat box in preparation for the new arrival.

The best laid plans of mice and men….. The car had, on Friday, passed its MOT with flying colours. It had received a full service too and my pocket was lighter to the tune of £200. I got in the car, I turned it on. NOTHING! Not a purr of an engine (excuse the pun) not even a cough! Dead as the proverbial Dodo. Panic now started to surface as I knew I wouldn’t be able to get to see the kittens and by this stage there was no way we were only going to ‘look’ at them! I mean? Who looks at kittens and then leaves without one?

First I called my boyfriend in bits and explained the situation. I then called the breeder and told her it was unlikely we would make it. I was so terribly disappointed. Next I called the mechanic who, clearly hearing the panic in my voice and not wanting to upset the nice lady who paid him lots of money on Friday, said he would be over within the hour to start the car. I called the breeder back and explained we might now make it again, and then my boyfriend who was still on route to the parked car.

The mechanic arrived and, although he got the car stared, it didn’t look good. The alternator had gone. Battery had been boiled. I called the breeder again and said – it was definitely off. There was no way we could drive the car. I think there may have been tears at this point…

She understood but said she had turned the first two people away as she felt they ‘would not offer the right home to the kittens’. Maybe, if I could find another car there was still a chance to get in first and not miss our spot!?

Then the mechanic piped up – as long as the car was not turned off or stalled on the way, it would make it. Again I called the breeder – by this time it felt like we were on speed dial to one another!

Joy of Joys! No one had bought a kitten – all four still available. LET’S GO!


We journeyed to Horsham, carefully, not stalling, not racing, just gently. And we got there. We had to leave the car running while we went in to meet the perfectly formed, beautiful, tiny things and – it was love at first sight! Biscuit-Jones Carter-Sly – the biggest name for the smallest cat came over to us and plonked herself upon my boyfriend. We sat and chatted to the breeder and discussed the kittens, the mum etc, played with them – all the while the car is still going and I am wondering if, when we leave the house, it will actually still be there! Thirty minutes after arriving, we left with our adorable bundle of fluff and needle sharp teeth!

I am glad to say that the journey home was uneventful and I dropped the car at the garage on route home and we taxied the kitten home in style! She is now settling in wonderfully well. She is the spunkiest little cat I know and full of enough beans to make Kenco jealous! And, of course, we adore her and know it was completely the right thing to do.

So – what became of the car I hear you ask – another £300 thank you very much! But it has been worth every single penny to allow us to have a Biscuit-Jones our lives.


Thank you for reading their story and don’t forget to email us if you’d like to have your own story featured.

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47 thoughts on “Guest Star: Biscuit–Jones Carter-Sly

  1. elizabetcetera says:

    OK, now you’ve overdone it with cuteness. Hopefully this will rub off on my dream world and it will be filled with sweet kittens.

    Just a thought … do dog lovers talk about the immense love that cat lovers do … just wondering?

  2. Hannah Carter says:

    I just read all your comments about my little Biscuit-Jones! My heart is filled with love and bursting with pride. She sends kitty snuggles and thanks too. 🙂

  3. Simon Sly says:

    An important point here that may have slipped under the radar is that pets are indeed not just for christmas. Our lovely vet informs us that if Miss Jones has ANY Maine-Coon in her at all it’s probably less than 10%. We couldn’t care less. She is just about the most fantastic creature I ever met and I don’t think either of us could imagine life without her. She is playful, loving and bursting with character (and not in the slightest bit afraid of cucumbers)! Love your cat no matter what and in return they will teach you how. The boyfriend. 🙂

  4. Alan says:

    Why didn’t you adopt a cat from a rescue centre, they have kittens that need good homes while you’d also be making a donation to an animal charity, rather than to breeders who, by most appearances, seem to care more about money than animals. PS: I volunteer at an animal rescue centre and have given a home to two lovely rescue cats.

    • Marc-André says:

      Bot my own are from an animal shelter. 🙂

      I would always recommend people to do the same but at the same time it’s great to hear about loving cat stories from those that went other ways to their forever family member.

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