A new beginning

Kitchen paper

Why do I start article with a photo full with kitchen paper and not with a cat? That is because I want to talk you about “The Kattenbrigade”. The last time I wrote about them it wasn’t good news.  Now, I want to show you the love, the friendship and support Diny and Sab get from around the world. It is about the small and the bigs things that can bring good fortune after bad things that happen. Get ready with your kitchen paper for some great updates after the devastating fire.

Tasha, testing out the new baskets and toys

The best thing to start the healing process for the cats was going back to  their daily routine: “Washing the buts, putting diapers on, getting medicine, …” Now that is not easy when all your supplies are destroyed by the fire or the water used to kill the fire.
Fortunate there are cat lovers out there that helped a paw or two or more. Actions started to get the right stuff to the right place: diapers, shampoo, baskets, toys, food, heating pads, you name it and people donated it with love.

Nursery table
The new old nursery table

The cats are used to get their daily care on a baby nursery table. This was a big routine for them. Getting their own quality time on that table was the best thing that could happen in a day. The cats, Diny and Sab were pleasantly surprised when someone donated one to them almost the same they had before.

Pamuk & mom, The love
Pamuk & mom, The love

I can tell you that good fortune is coming their way. The cats still love each other, they still love their forever humans. They want to play and cuddle with each other or with the new toys they have.  Support is coming from around the world, donations are made money wise and even Whiskas donated 8 pallets of cat food for the cats. Now the most important thing is to find a new place where they can further rebuild their future.


It will be place with a bright new future. With love and peace where the cats will be together again the ones who made it and the ones who didn’t survive the fire. New cats will be welcomed. Whatever happened will never be forgotten.
I want to end this article with a quote:
“What appears to be an end is only the start of a new beginning”


Billy The Time Cat

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9 thoughts on “A new beginning

  1. helentastic67 says:

    Good news! Onward & up…………Good to show Crazy Cat people are crazy generous too. Please note any mention ever by me of the term ‘Crazy Cat-anything’ is a compliment never an insult!

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