Kattenbrigade: Things are happening…

Just before Christmas I wrote about that special place “The Katten brigade” A place for very special need cats. A place where they are loved, finding the care that they need. The past week we had some sad news about “The katten brigade”. I just wanted to share with you what happened. I know you care about them and they could use your prayers at this very moment.

RIP Chyna

There was a fire in the shelter. The fire started in the kitchen and spread around. The ladies who are running the shelter woke up from the smoke and were trapped at the second floor. Fortunate the fire departement was very fast and could save them. They were admitted to the hospital with smoke inhalation.

RIP Mimimus

Some paralyzed cats were trapped.  More then ten cats lost their lives in this horrible event. The forty other cats who survived are taking care off by friends and family. They will get their special care and love from them until Diny and Sab are back on their feet. Some  cats are really traumatized and all will get extra  care (medicine, Bach-Therapy,…)

The cat community in Belgium is “supporting” in anyway they can (benefits, moral support). It warms us to see how animal lovers care for each other in times of need.

We won’t forget the kitties that lost their live, they are now at The Rainbow Bridge, healed and healthy. They will find there new and old friends. Chyna, Moby, DaisyBoo, June, Toetie, Mimimuis, Célia, Sterre, Stacey, Beethoven, Clowntje, Kitty and Minou, you will be missed. The two dogs they had didn’t survive either.

Lets send some positive energy to Diny, Sab and the surviving kitties. They could use it, so they can rebuild their dream in the near future.

I want also to thank the fire departement, they went beyond to save as many possible cats they could, they were bitten & scratched by the cats who were afraid but that didn’t stop them to return in the burned house with extra oxygen and heat cameras.

I want to end this with following saying: “After bad luck, good fortune comes”. Lets hope that this is true for “The katten Brigade”.

For support you can contact me or visit their page here

Billy The Time Cat,

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42 thoughts on “Kattenbrigade: Things are happening…

  1. LydiaA1614 says:

    How tragic and sad. My heart and prayers go out to all the cats who survived, Diny, Sab and all of the people who have been and are helping in this situation. The ones who are lost have a special place in my heart. I hope they are happy at Rainbow Bridge.

  2. Susan says:

    I’m so terribly sorry to hear about this! May the surviving cats soon find comfort and peace. May those injured soon be back on their feet. So tragic.

  3. Susan says:

    This is terribly sad. My heart goes out to all of them. I hope that Diny and Sab are able to get things up and working again, and my deepest sympathies to them for the poor kitties and two dogs who were not able to be saved. I hope that all the traumatised kitties who did survive will soon recover.

  4. carolynswriting says:

    Oh my goodness, that’s so distressing but as you said, amazing work by the fire brigade – and by the ladies running the shelter in the first place. My heart & thoughts go out to all, and I hope as you said things change in a positive way for all involved.

    • billythetimecat says:

      yes, indeed the fire brigade did an awesome job, returning to get more cats out. They got scratches and bites from the cats but didn’t give up.
      I’m certain it will change in a positive way.

      Billy The Time Cat

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