‘Cats v Dogs’ – iCatCare’s Dr Sarah Ellis on BBC2 at 8pm tomorrow!

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‘Cats v Dogs’ 8pm tomorrow on BBC2

– with International Cat Care’s Dr Sarah Ellis and her cat Cosmos

Part of our charitable work at International Cat Care is to provide good quality scientifically based advice on many aspects of feline health, welfare and behaviour. How we distribute such advice is varied and includes via courses, conferences, journals, e-magazines and of course Katzenworld. This week, we are also branching into television.

Dr Sarah Ellis, feline behaviour specialist at International Cat Care, will feature in a new UK television programme ‘Cats v Dogs’. The new two-part documentary which airs this Thursday and next (8-9pm BBC Two) features Chris Packham championing the dog and Liz Bonnin championing the cat. Sarah will be demonstrating just how remarkable cats (and their owners!) are! Tune in to see Sarah training her cat in a demonstration of how cats learn. In a trailer for the programme, Cosmos can be seen high fiving presenter Liz Bonnin!

Want to know how to train your own cat – watch this space on Katzenworld.

Sarah will also be taking us through one of her recent studies on cat meows which investigated whether owners were able to recognise what cats wanted based solely on listening to their meow vocalisations. A write-up on this study will be also be appearing soon on Katzenworld. Do you know what your cat wants when it meows?

For now, want to hear more about cat vocalisations? Tune in to a recent radio interview Sarah did for American Radio: http://icatcare.org/news/dr-sarah-ellis-decodes-meaning-meow

Sarah is no stranger to television having previously starred as part of the scientific team for BBC 2 Horizon programmes ‘The Secret Lives of Cats’ and ‘Cat Watch 2014’.

So don’t forget to tune in to see if the burning question ‘which are best, cats or dogs?’ can be answered. Surely we know the answer!

More information and clips from the Cats vs. Dogs programme can be found here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06zz80d

We hope you enjoy the programme!

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About International Cat Care:

International Cat Care
International Cat Care is a charity with the vision of a world where all cats, owned and unowned, are treated with care, compassion, and understanding.

Founded in 1958, we are a respected authority on feline health and best practice, working with owners, vets and other professionals around the world.
Registered Charity – 1117342

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