Tail Therapy… Who’s Ready?


I bet you are wondering what is Tail Therapy? Well… I’m here to tell you what it’s all about. First off Thank you for stopping by I know everyone has busy lives so I’ll make this fun, but it could be a good Therapy too! Purr…


Tail Therapy are Animal lovers just like you. They are lifting spirits with a Happy tail no matter what’s got you down. Because who needs retail Therapy when you have Tail Therapy! he he!! Tail Therapy is a signature gift line for Cat and Dog lovers just like you. They have water bottles just like this one I have right in front of me besides hats, leashes and lots more.


Oopps!! I think I caught it from falling over… This water bottle is lightweight brushed aluminum finish and comes with a handy carabiner. The kitty on the front is a from the collection features Bailey the cat and they have a dog line features Rio the dog if you prefer a dog.


Tail Therapy is about giving a smile when needed and I think that is Pawsome just like their water bottle. Who could resist this water bottle with a cute kitty on it?  It makes you smile when I look at it, but maybe you need me to kiss it too!


Here a little info on how they came up with the name Tail Therapy:

Aimee Cebulski is the founder of the company and she was walking along a trail in San Diego County Park one summer morning she noticed a happy dog wagging it’s tail walking by her and couldn’t help but smile. I thought about all the animals around us that brings joy with a simple swish of the tail. Aimee realized that you don’t need retail therapy to be happy when you have Tail Therapy so Tail Therapy was born..

Tail Therapy gives back by donation to programs like PET – Pet Encounter Therapy program at the Helen Woodward Animal Center and Pet Partners with ASPCA. I really think this is great because it’s a win  for everyone especially the animals who needs Therapy.


I hope you will go have your Therapy now here the links you will need…

Website    –    http://tailtherapy.com/

Twitter     –   https://twitter.com/TailTherapy

Amazon    –   Click here

Thank you again for stopping by I hope you enjoyed my review leave me a message here to let me know what you thought..


Angel’s Eyes-Persian

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27 thoughts on “Tail Therapy… Who’s Ready?

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  2. Denise sanders says:

    What a pawsome product Angel! I so love your reviews and look forward to every Thursday when your review is published. I love you. Xxxxxx

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