Product Review: Custom Prints by WhiteWall

Hi everyone,

We recently had the oppoturnity to test the WhiteWall custom print services for some of our photos. 🙂

We chose two of our favourite photos of Oliver that we used to create some beautiful photos behind acrylic glass.


When they arrived they were securely packed inside a box and the two prints were on opposite sides of the shown cardboard to make sure that they couldn’t move. As you can see our nosey little princess decided to check them out before we unwrapped them. 😉


And here are our two beauties all printed off and ready to go on a wall! 😀

As for the WhiteWall services they were brilliant! Their online platform was easy to use (with a few random words of German here and there but nothing that will cause any harm. 😉 and throughout the whole process it will show you the total price as well as customisation options.

We decided to go for original photo print behind acrylic glass as it gave us a matte option which we think turned out purrfect with the chosen photos! The photos were taken by our friend Ian McGlasham and we will be putting up more of his photos in due course. 🙂

However back to our review! WhiteWall offers a vast choice of options from the acrylic prints to prints on metal or acrylic blocks! Yours is the choice and their products will not disappoint. 😀

We especially liked the fact that they give you a choice of couriers (BECAUSE I am sure we all hate a certain one in our area… LOL) and that they keep you up to date throughout the process of creating your unique pieces. 🙂

WhiteWall is available with worldwide locations but we tested the UK services.

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21 thoughts on “Product Review: Custom Prints by WhiteWall

    • Marc-André says:

      It’s all about the light with black cats. And it also helps to have a camera with a good ISO. The better it is in low light the more details it captures of a black cat 🙂

  1. sidilbradipo1 says:

    Well, first of all, we all need your friend Ian to take that kind of photos! I try, be sure!, I try to take goods shots but there is no possibility, I have no skill 😛
    Breathtaking shots: Nubia and Oli are <3

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