“Kattenbrigade”: A Very Special place – part 1

There is a house in a street. The house is not big but it is a very special place. The cats who live there are very special, they are all special needs cats. Cats that would have been put asleep. Cats abounded by their owners because they became a special need cat. No more wanted, not loved anymore. Left behind.
Most of them are paralyzed on their bladder , one of the outcomes is that they can not empty their bladder and that they have to be emptied manually. They all wear diapers and they crawl around like toddlers do. Mom said they are cuter then toddlers.
We will show you some of the cats mom met there and tell you some of their story.

Moby: FIV, Paralyzed tail and bladder
Moby: FIV, Paralyzed tail and bladder


Moby was wandering around on the streets for months, when they got a call from a lady that he was losing urine. They did check him out but he didn’t only lose urine but also blood. He smelled intens and everything down below was infected. Time for a visit to the vet and after an very intens treatment he got better. He found is new forever home with the “Kattenbrigade”.


Chyna, Paralized bladder and amputated tail
Chyna, Paralized bladder and amputated tail

This lovely cat is from Rumania. A story with adoption problems, brought her to Belgium. She is now living the happy live. She is losing urine but a diaper is helping her coming through the day. She is a real love bug and is jumped straight in my grannies arms when they were visiting there. No diaper will hold this lady to be loved.


June: blind
June: blind


June, found on the streets, nowhere wanted. Animal shelters denied all the help. URI destroyed her eyes. She found a forever home with the Kattenbrigade.  She is purring  because she is happy to feel love again, have a good meal and the necessary care. Ain’t she a beauty? Who can throw such an animal on the streets?

Chippie: old and heard hearing
Chippie: old and hard hearing




This old grumpy looking cat is 16 years old. His former owner moved and he could not move along. So lived his live in his garden. The daughter of the former owner contacted them and Chippie found a new forever home.. Living his old days in a warm house with food and friendship from other cats. My granny became a sugar-aunt for Chippie, she donate every month a small amount of money for him. Now, he is a spoiled old cat. Bad things that happen can turn into good things.


Jailo; Diabetic cat, bad eyes and disformed tail
Jailo; Diabetic cat, bad eyes and disformed tail


This is Jailo, a diabetic cat like myself. Mom told me she fell in love when she saw Jailo. Jailo was diagnosed with diabetes and her owner looked for her for a new place. A lot of vets advised to put her a sleep. (Oh, why?) Oh, boy that makes me so sad. She is a very shy lady with a lot of issues but a beauty that should get every chance in the universe. Mom and I decided that we will become a sugar aunt for Jailo.



We are happy that we can do something for those cats. We had two big bags filled with diapers, food, shampoo,…
The kattenbrigade have more then 30 cats with disabilities. They wash every 2 days 16 cats, diapers are used at the speed of lightening. The laundry machines is working continues throughout the day. Diny & Sab, who owning the animal shelter are day and night ready for the special need cats. Diny & Sab thank you for all the hard work you do for them.

They have a dream: “A bigger place for their cats to live the happy life” The place they are living now is in fact to small. At this point they can’t help anymore cats because the house is getting crowed. We hope their dream can come true one day. We keep thumbs and paws crossed for a tiny miracle so they can keep going with their good work.

Visit their site(Dutch): http://www.dekattenbrigade.com
Visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/dekattenbrigade.opvang

If you have an animal shelter in your neighborhood, don’t forget them with this year ender that is coming. A small donation can make the difference for those cats. Don’t forget the volunteers behind the animal shelter, a card with a small thank you keeps the spirit up.

Wishing you and all your fur friends a fantastic Christmas and a great Year Ender.
Don’t forget: “We are all stories at the end, make it a good one”


Billy The Time Cat

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30 thoughts on ““Kattenbrigade”: A Very Special place – part 1

  1. Vive les chats! says:

    Thank you so much Billy for sharing this wonderful post and pics. What an incredible initiative!
    These lovely people deserve more than a gold star…

    We wish a bigger place for all our new kitty friends in 2016. Hang in guys and girls! We know that if our mom wins the lottery, she will buy them the best house ever. Keep your toes crossed and hang in guys and girls.

    Happy Christmas everyone! Lola (in spirit) Phoebe, Leo, Errol Flynn and Merlin from Carleton Place, Ontario CANADA

    • billythetimecat says:

      Thank you for the lovely comment. Mom and I agree that these ladies are exceptional.
      We also hope that their dream will come true and one day someone will win the lottery and donate some money.

      Billy The Time Cat

  2. Giovannoni Claudine says:

    it warms up my heart reading about such lovely humans taking care of animals… me and my husband we “collected” stray cats and gave them a home. Then we provided neutering for all of them (first the older, which we could not keep inside since they were very shy and selvage, and after the kitten at the right age). We love cats and it is important, as much it is for dog or other animal shelter, to receive help from good-souls! Thank you for giving us this informations :-)claudine

  3. susieshy45 says:

    It is just what we needed to hear for X’mas. Please can you send some information of the Kattenbrigade in English- I went to their site- it seems to be in Dutch- I would like to make a small contribution.

  4. Lauren says:

    This was so heartening. . .it’s wonderful to see people care so much, even if it’s horrible that others consider sick and challenged animals as throwaways (serious grrrr).

    • billythetimecat says:

      Yes, it is horrible to read that when pets who are sick are not wanted anymore.
      Unfortunate it is happening a lot. Fortunate you have projects like these where they are welcomed, loved and cared for.

      Billy The Time Cat

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