Oliver & Nubia: Attack of the archdemon!

Hi everyone,

Important update from Oliver here! Our kingdom has been invaded by a giant and ultra evil archdemon of a bird! o.O


Oliver: What’s happened to our peaceful kingdom. 🙁

Oliver: Luckily I’ve got the perfect defense at hand! Nubia the huntress! 😀

Nubia: Why do I always have to go in the front line…

Oliver: I am supervising from up here to warn you if it tries to do a sneak attack! :p


Nubia: I think I got it!!!


Nubia: Oh no it’s escaping!!!

Oliver: Watch out!!! It’s dive bombing you!


Nubia: Ugh… too late! 🙁


Nubia: *ROAR* Stay here!


Oliver: Be careful… i am trying to get to a new safe location…

Nubia: *Struggling to hold on* You know you could lend me a paw…


Oliver: I am providing important tactical information… Speaking of which you may want to use the tunnel as a defense area!

Nubia: Smarty pants I am already on my way there!


Nubia: Did I get it?

Oliver: No it’s further up!


Nubia: Almost!


Nubia: Where has it gone now? o.o


Oliver: Watch out it’s coming back!!!!

Nubia: From where?

Oliver: Top!


Nubia: *ROAR* This time I’ll get you!!!!

*Many hours later the feathers completely torn apart*


Oliver & Nubia: zzzZZZZzzz…..

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Signed by,

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief
Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Destroyer of Peace

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30 thoughts on “Oliver & Nubia: Attack of the archdemon!

  1. Kara always played gently with her toys, whereas MM liked to destroy them! One year she got a spider on an elastic string, hours of fun it said on the pack, 2 seconds before she’s running off with the spider and I’m left holding a length of elastic!

    1. 😀 it’s especially cute when they end up sleeping cuddled up. Doesn’t happen as often as I’d wish for as Oliver gets annoyed with Nubia’s habit of tail slashing while sleeping xD

  2. Oli must have lions somewhere in his family tree – having the lioness do all the hunting. (I looked at the title too quickly and thought it said Attack of the Archdeacon – obviously spending too much time in church. 🙂 )

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