A Place of My Own

Sampson's Hutch

Sampson's Hutch
Every cat has a favourite place to sleep. The place that, for them, is the absolute best for curling up and taking a nap, or for watching the world go by. Or both. Since we moved to our new flat our cats have been trying to work out which is the best place for them.

Lola in the Princess PodMy in-laws gave us a small fluffy tent, which we’ve nicknamed the Princess Pod (or Pod, for short). At first the boys both liked to sleep in it, but after a couple of weeks Lola claimed it as her own. Now it’s definitely her favourite place to sleep, and the boys won’t even attempt to go in it. I think it must be covered in her scent!

The boys don’t necessarily have such a defined place for themselves. They each like places in the cat trees, although Sampson likes to be in the hutch part of the tree at the end of the cat runway (a.k.a. bookshelves), or sometimes the dark cat tree which is only partially built at the moment, and Elvis prefers to be in the baskets or flat surfaces of the free standing cat tree by the radiator.

Elvis in the Cat TreeElvis definitely likes to be on a surface more than inside an enclosed space. He doesn’t mind enclosed spaces though – he’ll happily jump into a box, for example. When he’s not on the cat tree he can be found sitting on top of one of our glass fronted cabinets in the hallway. It’s a good place because he can have a nap but still be quickly aware of anyone entering or leaving the flat, or if anyone goes near the food cupboard. The cupboard has the added bonus of making the perfect runway to the shelves by the kitchen entrance, and he likes to get up on them to peer around at us whilst we’re cooking!

When Sampson isn’t in the cat tree he’ll most likely be on a lap – he’s definitely a lap cat, and is very cuddly. Otherwise he’ll probably be laying on the mat next to the covered litter tray. Like Elvis’s cabinet, the rug has the advantage of making sure he’ll be quickly aware if anyone approaches the food cupboard. It does have the disadvantage though of making him a bit Elvis on the Cabinetinvisible… Black cat on a black rug, yeah, that can be problematic.

In the last few days Sampson has also taken to sleeping on the chair at the furthest end of the kitchen table. It let’s him monitor the food situation, be slightly secluded so that the other cats don’t disturb him, and also is quite warm being right next to the radiator.

I’m glad that each of the cats have found a space they feel comfortable in. Everyone needs a nice place to cuddle up in the cold winter!


Lady Joyful

Does your cat have a favourite place to be? What are the advantages of your cat’s favourite place?

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31 thoughts on “A Place of My Own

  1. 79mustlovecats says:

    My Jules has two favourite spots; on the chair at the head of the table (on his special blanket), and if the blinds are open, the top of the sofa for maximum outdoor viewing. If he’s particularly tired after a long socialising session with visitors, he slinks off and sleeps inside my donna cover 🙂 so sweet 🙂

  2. Adrienne says:

    “Special places?” Let me count the ways: Four dining room chairs, back of couch, two chairs in our bedroom plus our bed, a certain chair in hubby’s teaching room, his recliner in his office, six different window sills, top of my desk, some bushes next to our deck, on the deck in the sun, and, wait for it – our doggie Frankie’s bed, which, being the gentleman he is, is gracefully allowed.

    Now that just covers the most used spaces that she keeps in steady rotation guided by some weird schedule known only to her. I’m sure there’s more.

  3. Marc-André says:

    Nubia likes to sleep on the top of the scratch tree while Oliver prefers things that are close to the floor. I wonder if he fell off a tree as a kitten… He is not too fond of sleeping on heights! Lol

  4. catcraftsmo says:

    It’s interesting that you posted this, because we just made a change at our house. We have a black cat, Priscilla, who has always been a loner and an odd duck. She is getting older, and lately the other cats have been picking on her, despite our best efforts. So, we gave the poor thing a place of her own. We set up a spare bedroom for her and she loves it! I will post the full story on my blog.

  5. Lady Ozma says:

    Cats are so funny! It is fun how they seem to stake out a place and then they are like, “This is mine and I will go all Lion/Panther on you if you come near it.”

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