Nubia: My new Laptop! And it’s got a mouse! :D

Hi everyone,

You probably know how much I like to sit on laptops and sometimes I even feel tempted to scratch them… Well my hoomins finally realised that it might be a good idea to purchase me a laptop of my own. 😀


Nubia: Come one stop torturing me and open it up. 😀


Nubia: Right… It’s simple, just open the box for me and assemble it. 😀


Nubia: Now if this isn’t the most practical mouse ever! And It’s even USB! 😀


Nubia: At last my loyal servant has finished assembling the laptop for me! And he sure picked the purrfect background for me.


Nubia: I think it’s time to check out the caternet on my super cool FireCat browser! Firefox was so yesterday! :p


Nubia *scratch scratch* Hmmmm… Shortage of mice in in Scotland… Right that’s that of my holiday list!


Nubia: *scratch scratch* There are colourful birds on an island? I want to go there!!!

Nubia: I just realised it’s got the latest graphics card! A super cool Geekat – so has anyone got any game or video suggestions? 😀


Nubia: Hmmm… It does seem to take a lot longer to warm up in comparison to the human laptop! oh well if I sit here long enough…

Nubia: Right this is it from me for now. But will Oliver get his chance to try out the bed? All shall be revealed later today!

Right! So if you’d like to get one of these for your own fur-friend (who btw I am sure will love you for it! 😉 ) these can be purchased from Prezzybox by clicking here for £19.95.


P.S: Apparently the human says I spend more time on the kitty laptop than his own increasing his productivity while working from home! I don’t understand them sometimes… Surely they would much rather cuddle with me than work? But yes I DO like my own private laptop as I don’t get shoved off every 30 seconds. 😀

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Signed by,


Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Destroyer of Peace

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64 thoughts on “Nubia: My new Laptop! And it’s got a mouse! :D

  1. Since my two never interfere with my laptop and my Tom (who would otherwise be interested in the scratching device) is too big for this thing I will give it a miss. But I really had to smile!

    1. Hehe 🙂 surprisingly Nubia sits on it almost every day. I wonder if she thinks it’s a heated pad because it reflects her own heat or if she is going “God the new laptop never gets warm!”

  2. This is super awesome and cute!! I’m going to check it out to get one for my friend who is a cat owner. I’m sure it’s the purrfect Christmas gift.

      1. It kinda looks like cardboard too and my grand kittehs would likely eat that up… also most likely not too washable? sooo if you’re writing tell them to make it in sturdy plastic & drop a warmer in and I’ll buy one.

  3. This is something really new… have to buy when they arrive to Finland, maybe for the Christmas. Kosmo comes always to sleep near my laptop and my worktable is really small or too full.

  4. Wow, this is brilliant. Our cat is forever pawing at the TV and computer. I hope they deliver to Canada. 🙂

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