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Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Andrea T.!

Tito, Kati, Gaston and Mary the Turtle

My home Celebrities

By Andrea T.

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Tito how old are you?

  • I’m 4 years old

What is your favorite game?

  • The red dot, I love it

And which is your favorite meal?

  • All the cat food specially kati’s meal.

What do you love the most?

  • To keep warm and purring in my bed

Did you mean your mommy’s bed?

  • No, it’s my bed, I just let her sleep in there, and now I must go, I have some things to do. I am a very busy cat!

And Tito is going to take a nap.



I am a very soft kitten, and I’m 4 years old and Tito’s sister. Mommy left me some times alone because she works in another city so I live in the house with my grandma and my uncle, I really miss her, but when she is back I ignore her… but I can’t resist the mouse toy with the feather and the pink moving thing that she brings to me, so I forgive her and  I give her some presents like birds (especially doves), bugs, little lizards, mice purr,  I love to give her massages, and purring when she is tired and play with the paper ball!



I am a free cat, yes, I grow up in the street, I was a present for a little girl but she didn’t know how to care a kitten, and she left me in the street outside from the house, so when I was a child I met Tito and Kati and they brought me to their big house. I’m 3 years old, I am the guard of the house, if something happens or someone arrives, I announced it with a meow. The cars, the street, the people, the neighborhood, are all mine, I put on it some pee and is mine. I would like to enter into the house, but they don’t allow me because I fight with Kati and sometimes I bite her. Sometimes I enter into the house and I sing meow meow meowwwww and they run behind me to trap me and they use the mouse toy with the feather to catch me, I really enjoy it. I know that they love me too, they bring me good food, and play with me and pet me. I am alive because of them.



Cats, cats, always the cats…

Purr, I’m not a cat.



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19 thoughts on “Guest Star: Tito, Kati, Gaston and Mary the Turtle – My home Celebrities

  1. Rantasalot says:

    A lovely story, but sad also. People take cats and don´t understand that they are not toys you can forget after they grow are not so cute anymore. Gaston is very lucky cat,he got home.

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