Nubia: The Poppy and Rufus “dog” bed – Wait dogs?!?

Hi everyone,

It’s Nubia here today I’d like to tell you all about my new “dog” bed. Wait why it’s called a dog bed??? It’s perfect for us kats!!!


Nubia: Well I suppose it’s quite big! But it sure looks comfy…


Nubia: Right time to check this out… Hopefully no dog comes around to snatch this of me… or brother!


Nubia: This sure is comfy! <3


Nubia: Now let’s just hope brother either snuggles up with me or leaves me alone…

Time for a cleaning session…


Nubia: Right this is it from me for now. But will Oliver get his chance to try out the bed? All shall be revealed later today!

In the meantime to all you kats out there convince your human to buy one of the Poppy and Rufus ov here. Ignore the dog part we will tell our friends there to re-name it. 😉

The bed we have is the smallest size and it fits purrfectly possibly even for the two of us if we can agree on this…

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Signed by,


Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Destroyer of Peace

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26 thoughts on “Nubia: The Poppy and Rufus “dog” bed – Wait dogs?!?

  1. Sure looks comfy. MM never used the bed we bought her as a bed, in her mind it was a toy box and sweetie bowl! Perhaps if she’d one like this she might have slept in it.

  2. Hi Nubia, they bought me also a dog bed, I tried it and then I turned it upside down and now it is suitable, but the sofa is still better. Purrrrr to you from Kosmo.

  3. Ms. Cali was so large, she has a huge doggie bed and loved it! I bought her at least 10 or more. I wanted her to have NEW ones. Once they are washed, they are not as nice. Only the BEST for our cats!

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