Purrsday Poetry: A Cat’s Life by Erica Herd

Hi everyone,

Today’s Purrsday Poetry post comes from Erica Herd.

A Cat’s Life

I twist on the sofa like a pretzel knot,

it’s a cat’s life for me.

I don’t know why you’re so busy, but I am not,

it’s a cat’s life for me.

I supervise as you iron the clothes, mop the floor,

but I never soil my paws.

When you clean the toilet, I sometimes jump in.

You towel me off.

I like to be swaddled,

but then I want to be free.

I slap at the blinds till you open the window,

to observe the happenings in my backyard–

Quincy in window

It’s a good life for me.

Why do you go into the world?

It’s better in here.

We have everything we need:

food, toys, a cup of joe,

a cup a joe

cozy napping places.

Quincy TGIF

I like to go in the yard,


but then

Quince in bag

it’s back in in my bag.

It’s a cat’s life for me.

(all photos by E. Herd)

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33 thoughts on “Purrsday Poetry: A Cat’s Life by Erica Herd

  1. His expression is so serious in every picture. Its as if he is saying, “You are boring the hell out of me.” My cat bangs on the blinds when he wants us to get up and either feed or let him out or both. Annoying, but funny.😻

  2. Lovely, Kara used to go out on a lead, until she climbed up a tree and my mum couldn’t let go for fear of catapulting Kara into a neighbours garden. She had to wait for ages until someone came to get Kara down. Perhaps it was Kara’s way of saying she didn’t like the lead, she wasn’t known for tree climbing!

    1. Sometimes that’s the only safe way for cats to enjoy the outdoors. We used to have a cat that knew the harness meant going out time so she would find it and bring it to us if she wanted to go outside. 😮

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