Guest Post: Is Your Cat Flat?

You probably think that is a typo in the title, but it isn’t. Flat cats are having a great time traveling the world this summer. I first saw some flat cats in photos from Blog Paws 2015 which was held in Nashville, Tennessee. Anyone with a cat knows that most cats don’t travel well. A short trip to the vet is usually torture for kitty and many sing the song of their people all the way there.

Blog Paws is a convention of pet bloggers, many people bring their pets with them. Most of these are dogs along with some cats, rats, goats, etc. Several cat parents made “flat” versions of their cats so they could attend as well with being stressed. There is actually a company called pancake pets that makes pet flats out of a durable material. At $50 a pet plus shipping, it is a little pricey for most so many make their own by gluing a photo onto cardboard and coating it with contact paper.


After seeing these flat pets, The Cat Scouts got the idea to travel like that. Scouts will earn a badge for traveling and the scout with the most miles will win a prize. You are probably wondering about Cat Scouts too. It is a fun group of cat lovers that help their kitties earn badges for all sorts of things like the traveling, identifying flowers, etc. They also do service projects where they send cards to the sick and elderly- nothing brings a smile to someone’s face like a photo and card of a cat.

If you want to flatten your cat and join in the fun, you are more than welcome. First join Cat Scouts, any cat can join, they don’t need to be involved with a blog or social media: . Once signed up, cats can join different groups and one of them is Flat Scouts. There are directions on there to make one.

Sammy has been all over the U.S. so far and will be heading to Canada soon. Here he is with a bunch of other “flats” visiting Sammy of One Spoiled Cat ( )


His friend Charles ( ) took him to the park:


and they got to relax and chat:

Chatting Charles

His friend Maggie even shared her basket with him:


Sammy learned a lot from Maggie’s Mom who runs The Museum of Maritime Pets :

Some people may think we are crazy, but I think it is a fun way to befriend other cat lovers and learn about other parts of the country and world. We are also doing our best to keep the US Postal Service in business.

Thanks for reading,

Ellen from

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30 thoughts on “Guest Post: Is Your Cat Flat?

  1. onespoiledcat says:

    We Cat Scouts are having a blast visiting one another and we will culminate this adventure in November when all Cat Scout Flats head out to Cat Scouts HQ in sunny California for the finale’ and award to the most “well traveled” Scout! Great article Ellen and thanks for using Sammy’s photo hosting some “flats” on our front porch in telling the tale of the roving Flats of Cat Scouts.

    Pam Kimmell
    Cat Scout Mom of One Spoiled Cat Sam

    • pilch92 says:

      Thank you for letting me use your photo- I love that one of Sammy with all the Scouts in his wagon- he is a great host. 🙂

  2. mvaden1948 says:

    My cat Lili traveled with me to Venice four times. Although as a much smaller “flat cat”….a small picture in a frame. In Venice the housekeeper (herself a cat lover) even asked me about her.
    I haven’t been anywhere yet to take a flat cat version of Diavolo.
    And yes, going to the vet he does loudly sing the song of his people.

  3. Christy Paws says:

    I am having so much fun hosting flats and seeing what my flat Tristy is up to. She is on her way from Canada to Ohio right now. I am new to Cat Scouts but having a blast.

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