Guest Post: How to Make a Kitty Your Skipper

Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from one of our regular contributors Roxana Oliver.

There you are all ready and excited about your sailing trip. But, you have that feeling that something or someone is missing. The purring sound and the touch of fur on your legs make you remember that Mr. Whiskers is in the equation, as well. You have two choices: leaving your pet with somebody else or taking your cat with you on the boat trip. It seems like Mr. Whiskers is about to become Mr. Skipper. It’s been done and it succeeded, but it needs some serious preparation.


Flickr – Jess R.

Putting a cat on a floating thing in the middle of a deep sea is a brave thing to do. It sounds worse than it really is. First thing is, you need to have a trusting relationship with your cat. Also, you need to ensure the safety of your pet. Besides, cats that live indoors will enjoy your sailing trip far more than those who spend their time outside.

Everybody who knows cats realizes that there are many hidden spots on the boat where your feline friend can hide. If you opt to hire a shipwright to build you a custom boat, or refurbish your old one, you can tell him to count your kitty’s space in the design, providing him with his own small fun cabin or something similar. When you are home, hiding in darks spots is a fun thing. But, when you are on a boat, you may want to think about safety. You have to know where your cat is at all times. A collar with a small bell can be of great help. Also, there are pet safety vests that your cat needs to wear at all times. Felines are sensitive to the sun. Cat’s ears and nose can easily get sunburnt, so you have to protect them.


Flickr – Apionid

Just because you are on the boat, don’t think that Mr. Whiskers is about to give up on his favorite habit of running around your feet. This will happen while you are working the ropes, cleaning the boat or fishing. If you are doing something that risky or when you are in the place of strong winds and currents, make sure that your kitty is safe below the deck. If they accidentally go overboard, all the chances are that it may not end up well.

If you fish, make sure that your cat doesn’t eat it raw. Their instincts will tell them to bite the fish and play with it, but there are bacteria inside raw fish that can be deadly for cats.

Before you sail away, you will need to do a thorough boat cleaning, cat food stacking and find a good place for the litter box. Sand will not be as useful as it is on the land. But, a mat made of fake grass will do the trick. It is easy to wash them overboard and leave them to dry. As for the food and water, make sure that you have the favorite brand for your cat. There is a risk that the brand won’t be available at all ports.


Flickr – Don Sampson

Another important thing is that you have all the medicine, shampoo, toys and brushes that you need for your kitty to be healthy and entertained. Soon enough, you will be aware if your cat enjoys the trip or not. If it hides from you at all times and won’t eat or play, it is best that you find it a place to stay and take it back home. Everything else is a torture of a terrified kitty. If they don’t seem to mind living on the boat, you are in luck. You will have the best skipper in the world.

This article was brought to you by Roxana Oliver, we hope you are looking forward to more of her guest posts in the future! 🙂

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44 thoughts on “Guest Post: How to Make a Kitty Your Skipper

  1. mvaden1948 says:

    My aunt and uncle lived on their sailboat in the Caribbean for several years with their Siamese cat. She loved it. But they thought it wise not to tell her that her life vest that she had to wear was actually meant for a dog. Back in the 70’s they didn’t make them for cats….maybe even today they are just all purpose pet vests.
    Honoree (their cat) love to leap over to other boats to visit her friends….both cats and dogs…or sometimes just the humans.

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  3. Giovannoni Claudine says:

    Actually one day I will take a sabbatical year and spend it traveling around the world! This is a dream I fancy since about 30 years… now I have 6 cats, some old, other younger… I thank you for this interesting post… makes me feel good since I wouldn’t be able to go away without them… but as you suggested, I should first find out if they will share my same dream ;-)claudine

  4. jabrush1213 says:

    Sounds like your cats had a good time while on board the boat sailing around. The top photo made me laugh, the cat looked like he just wanted to lay there and rest the entire time.

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