Cat Travel: Maison de Moggy – Pauline the Maine Coon

Hi everyone,

Todays post is dedicated to Pauline the Maine Coon girl that we met in Maison de Moggy. Fun fact she is a polydactyl so if you get to meet her will notice that she has a thumb more than your average cat. 😀

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Not yet fully grown she already equals the size of this Anticol Cat tunnel which we happen to have at home too LOL. This really made me think of how small Oli and Nubia are in comparison haha

Having a good scratch. 😀 Just adorable

Looking for a mouse? Or has someone else gone in her tunnel? 😮

It was good to see that they had water fountains so that all of their cats always have access to fresh water. 🙂

The window sill seemed to be one of her favourites not just to watch cars and people pass by…

… but also to just generally look adorable and invite guests to tickle her tummy. 😀

She reminded me a lot of Nubia’s famous upside down cat fish impressions hehe.

I hope you enjoyed todays post and are looking forward to finding out more about the other cats that live at Maison de Moggy. 😀

To find out more about Maison de Moggy visit their website or Facebook page. Already made up your mind? You can book a slot here!

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18 thoughts on “Cat Travel: Maison de Moggy – Pauline the Maine Coon

  1. lawjic says:

    I think it’s a great post. Maine Coons are gorgeous, but I will only rescue (and never BUY a BREED) cats in desperate need of homes. And, then only MAYBE. I miss my kitty way to much ever to consider loving another calico DSH cat…..I miss Ms. Cali so much, it HURTS.

    Again, this is a great post and the cats looks so HAPPY!!!

  2. tfoz says:

    This looks so much like our cat who passed away in 2010. He was a very big boy, but not fat. All gray, too. Maybe he was part Maine Coon. Thanks for these lovely pics.

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