#Infographic: “People” Food your Cat CAN eat

Hi everyone,

Today we would like to share this invaluable infographic on which human food your cat is ALLOWED to eat!

This is once again an infographic kindly sourced by Jeanne – Don’t forget to check out her Blog at the bottom of this post. 🙂

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We hope you enjoyed this infographic! The original can be found here.



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57 thoughts on “#Infographic: “People” Food your Cat CAN eat

  1. Invaluable!! Mom has been told that veggies are just fillers and us cats don’t need them, we only need meat. This is nice to see, mom must look up Jeanne’s source for this info,
    Thanks Dude and dudette.


    1. You are welcome. :). And some veg is good for digestion. When Oliver had problems with his anal glands getting blocked (smelly!!!) our vet made us cook him chicken with pumpkin. 🙂

  2. ZuZu and Roxie keep telling me that people food is very good for them. They often sit on the table and try to steal food right from my plate. Thanks for this information. And I will be careful with spices. Clare

  3. Ha ! I keep telling Mum (and Dad) that human food is good for me ! Now I have the proof ! Purrs, Zorro

  4. Marc, thank you for the credit for having the “original infographic”, but I found it on Pinterest, so while my blog was where you discovered it, I did not create it.

  5. Long ago in a memory far away, we had “Dammit” the cat. who loved pumkin. Halloween was an awesome time for him, when we cut up our Jack-o’lanterns he woudl steal the pumpkin rind and go eat it down to the skin. (Never the skin) or if mom opened up a can of pumpkin or pumpkin pie filling, he would be in the kitchen rubbing on legs or laying behind her. (Thus his name “DAMMIT! Get out of the kitchen!” But he loved pumpkin in all it’s versions. Not big on honeydew or watermelon, but pumpkin? A huge favorite.

  6. Sorry to disagree in part. Most geriatric cats cannot tolerate ANY daily or eggs. And, they will tend to vomit up all “people food” no matter how small the amount or how small you have prepared it. I am just speaking about Ms. Cali. Perhaps her cancer or stricture had something to do with the intolerance in the GI track, but in the last 4 years of her life, she could NOT tolerate ANY meat or dairy or eggs, not even one bite. If I gave her anything, she would vomit for hours and it just was not worth the suffering for BOTH of us.

    Perhaps other geriatric cats CAN and DO tolerate all the foods listed. Understand I am speaking only about one cat from ages 15-19. She started howling at 15; I thought something was wrong with her; the veterinarian always found some new expensive medication to add to the mix, but really nothing was wrong with her. So, that is when I went on a 5 month search vetting cat communicators and hiring “STAFF”. Ms. Cali had her own famous pet photographer that cost me thousands (SO WORTH IT) as at 17 Cali was like a KITTEN compared to the last two years of her life. But I am guessing that cancer was growing and grew fast, but it was the STRICTURE that blocked her from being able to poop, that really made her terminal and urgently so.

    Every cat is different. Ms. Cali may have just been old or she was getting sick and we did not know it. So, take this advice with a grain of salt (and pepper too—to the person who warned about spices).

  7. Hi, I’m Bella and I’ve just got myself a new human who gets lots of deli counter fish and meats. Tasty treats, but I’ve sniffed that veggie stuff and I’m not so sure about that!

  8. Thank you so much for posting this. I’ve been doing prepping in case of emergencies and wondering what I could feed my cat if worst case scenario happens. She won’t eat human food now, but I’m sure she would if there was nothing else to eat.

  9. Years ago I had a cat who loved broccoli. It didn’t seem to hurt him a bit. By present cat won’t eat any people food except a little bit of cheese. She is so finicky.

  10. Thank you Marc-André for the good info. My sweet darling Lola used to looove cheese and would rush downstairs just at the sound of the package of cheddar being opened. Phoebe has never showed any interest in people food and looks down at the 3 boys hanging around the kitchen, salivating over chicken roasting in the oven. Yes, chicken with pumpkin , what a great combo! They also go mad over bacon. Errol Flynn must have been italian in one of his previous lives as he practically jumps in a bowl of pasta. I find it truly amazing that cats do not overeat, even when feasting on their ultimate favourite food. They are so wise.

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