Oliver & Nubia: Meowing the lawn

Hi everyone,

It’s Nubia here 😀 Today I want to tell you about my grass garden! Our Hoomins brought this back from the USA for us!


Nubia: It’s delicious and soft!


Nubia: *Chomp Chomp*


Oliver: Why are you eating that green stuff???

Nubia: It’s tasty grass!

Oliver: Right… Only cows eat that. :O

Nubia: Meany 🙁

Oliver: Are you eating this green stuff again?

Nubia: *CHOMP*

Oliver: Snap dragon! O.O

Oliver: And it’s going in…!

Oliver: Rest in Peace…

Oliver: And it’s gone… Good thing I am not tiny…

Nubia: I MAY still take a bite out of you. *hungry look*

Oliver: Ack! *Hides* Especially because I saw this video!!!

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Signed by,

Signed by

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief



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37 thoughts on “Oliver & Nubia: Meowing the lawn

  1. 🙂 ohh our six cats love this special grass, every 10 days I get some fresh one at the store (grown and ready to eat). It helps to expel in a natural way, all the hairs they ingest with the grooming 🙂
    Oliver and Nubia look very gorgeous 😉 claudine

      1. Why not take this as a opportunity? Go indipendent and start a business selling cat grass! Maybe your wife could take care of the business and who knows, it could turn out to be a sucess! Belive me, sometimes everything starts from some little idea… my cats gave me stunning tips for my novels, and I sell nicely!!! I wish you all the best… with your lovely cats! :-)c

          1. Well you may start selling cat-grass and cats-toys in your shop!!!
            Depending on where you live… (because of the climate and temperature) you should have the cultivation indoor, and this could be a nasty temptation for Nubia… :-)c

  2. My tom looks and eats like a cow … But his lady-cat does not say No to a nice blade of grass, either. In fact, whenever I return from the pet-supermarket and bring some home I have to make sure it’s at least two pots as both start munching away.

      1. Yes, Fressnapf has it – sometimes … But you have to look which kind you buy. Some cats do not like the harsh, curled variety, my two came away bleeding from that stuff. The cat of my friend V. loves only that …

  3. It reminds me of the way my cats go outside and chomp on all the wild grasses growing around the house. There’s nothing as peaceful as watching the wind gracefully wave through the grasses,and rustle their fur as they chomp on nature’s bounty. 🙂

  4. Ms. Cali refused to eat cat grass—ever. She wanted to eat the grass with pesticides and dog poop and urine and Lord knows what else. She was a very finicky kitty. Oliver and Nubia seem to cooperate with EVERYTHING! Wonderful!

  5. When my father-in-law sold his house, he gave us a beautiful spider plant that he had been growing for years. It had multiple “generations” of the “spiders”. When we came home from work the next day, all that was left was a few nubs. Our cat had eaten the entire plant. There wasn’t even enough to get it to regrow. There must have been a vegetarian somewhere in past generations. 🙂

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