Guest Post: Cats Have Purrsonality!

Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Lynn Patra, a researcher and writer whose background is in psychology.

There’s a common misconception that cats don’t have personality or even emotions. One look at Scratch disproves this as he’s one cool cat who’s always down for a good time. “I’m but a wee lil’ leprechaun! Where’s me beer?” says Scratch.

St Patricks Day

Don’t worry. He only gets cat-appropriate food, treats, and drinks. However, beware of his attitude! Scratch shows off his spirit all year round. Here’s Hoodcat Santa roaming the streets again. “Sup!” says Scratch.


Scratch is great about making his wishes known and trying to get his way, but he always does so in a way that shows off his great sense of humor. Here he says, “You can forget about making it on time for that test if I don’t see my food bowl filled, and I mean to the BRIM!”

Even unadorned, supermodel Scratch loves the camera and the camera loves Scratch. Check out this mug!


Science confirms what many cat owners already know – that cats are complex creatures who have personalities and emotions. According to Dr. Charles Snowdon, a psychologist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, cats also enjoy music – species-appropriate music that is. Liz Langley’s article, “Listen: Why Scientists Have Created Music Just for Cats,” describes findings from the original study which can be found here.

If you’d like to find out more about your cat’s personal tastes and inclinations, here’s a sample of Snowdon’s cat-specific tunes. Let me know if your cat gives this a “paws up!” or “paws down!”

Author Bio:
Lynn writes at Work-Life Strategies & Solutions where she covers human behavior and psychology in our rapidly changing world of work. Whenever possible, she draws observations and lessons from the entire animal world. She believes that every animal species can teach us something about ourselves and our lives in this world. 

Thank you for reading their story and don’t forget to email us if you’d like to have your own story featured.

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63 thoughts on “Guest Post: Cats Have Purrsonality!

  1. kim881 says:

    Our cats both have very distinct personalities. Although Tosca is Luna’s mum, they not only look very different but they have almost opposite personalities. While Tosca is quite bossy and makes you pay attention to her through head butting, rubbing against you and herding you to the place she wants you to be, Luna miaows plaintively and looks cute. Tosca makes it clear that I am her human, but doesn’t let me touch her without permission, while Luna rolls on the floor and lets me stroke her belly, submitting completely. I have had the privilege of belonging to several other cats, all wonderfully individual.

  2. franhunne4u says:

    Well, I tried the video on my cat – nope, she is not into that kind of music! She was higly irritated and kept scratching her ear – only with treats I kept her here.

  3. niasunset says:

    Music is always in my rooms wherever I go… My Princess listens to them with me… But I haven’t noticed this subject dear Marc… Does it mean anything music for cats… I should make her to listen this video and later we can talk again… Thank you, love, nia

  4. The Canadian Cats says:

    Scratch, you are a patient guy. Wearing clothes is not my thing! However, mom does this so much I’m actually starting to like the feel of cloth on my furs.
    We know us cats have purrsonality cause you can tell by the look on our faces and the evil eye I give mom.
    Happy to meet you my friend.


  5. pilch92 says:

    Such a sweetie and so cute 🙂 I love to dress my kitties up- only a couple of them don’t seem to mind.

  6. KittyCatSmile says:

    Loved the story. Agree wholeheartedly about each having their very own personality ??. Scratch is such cutie and very photogenic.
    Great post. Oh and the first thing Pinty did once I played the Music for Cats was to squint his eyes. I think he likes it! I snapped a pic (or 2 or 3) and will post on my blog ?.

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