Guest Star: Max from Tails From The Park

Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Max!


Hi!  My name is Max and I am a American Shorthair. Okay, this is  everything you wanted to know about me, Max.

I was sleeping really knocking back some great Zzzz’s and then this writer guy (I use the term writer lightly), Tim tells me that I have to do this bio so all of my readers will be totally informed about me and my life. We put together my fun stories in a book Tails From The Park which was released in July.

Max 3

As far as my personal quirks go I have a bunch of really terrific traits like I sleep a lot and I love pouncing. I have a good and bad angel.  The bad angel looks just like me. I have these really great yellow eyes. I am a white cat with a grey cape and hood. Oh, and I have this big round grey dot on my tummy. Some people call me a tuxedo cat and other a mantel cat. The park manager and maintenance man call me a trouble maker.  To a degree things happen around me. Its really not my fault.

Well there you have it, my bio. But there is so much more in my book Tails from the Park that is filled with all kinds of fantastic stories.


Tails from the Park is available from Amazon here. Join my Max Gang here for updates on my work.

And stay tuned for later today, I will get the humans to post a chapter for you! 🙂

Head bumps!


Tails From The Park




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66 thoughts on “Guest Star: Max from Tails From The Park

    1. Oh, crystaleagle24, thank you! I think so. Also, charming, brave, courageous…you get the idea. Thank you so much for commenting. Head bumps! Max

    1. Ha! Kate. Those humans. Actually, the human did a good job of translating my cat thoughts into human speech. Let me know what you think. Max

    1. Yepper! Intense focus. It’s a cat thing. Turning in circles with my tail straight up at the gorgeous comment. Head bumps! Max

    1. Can you hear my purrs? Thank you for the (well deserved) compliment.
      Tails From The Park will be out on Nook in October. Meanwhile, if you join the Max Gang you will receive a free copy of my story Paradise Circus. Hope to see you there.
      Oh, and…my forever free book Kathmandu is coming out in a couple of weeks on Nook as well as other places.
      Thanks so much for your interest. I love my readers! Head bumps! Max

    1. Oh, oh, oh! Thanks so much. Be sure to tell me what you think. And, authors, even cat authors love reviews. Don’t be shy.
      Sending you one of my best snorks along with a head bump! Max

    1. Pilch, nice to meet you, too. If you get the book be sure to tell me what you think. You can leave a comment on my Author Page. I’ll get right back to you. Head bumps! Max

    1. Agent Clarice. Wow! One heavy duty girl! Nice to meet you. You are quite lovely. But my heart belongs to Baby. Paw of love! Max

        1. Wow! I’m impressed. All special agents! I’m just a regular cat. Attractive, though. 🙂 Give Sir Murray and Moo a couple of head bumps! Max

    1. Dogdaz. We do have our brothers in spirit. Thanks for the compliment. Hope you get a chance to read the book and tell me what you think. I love my readers. Do dogs take to head bumps? If so, here’s one for you. Max

  1. Oh my, Max is a magnificent fellow. I’m not kidding, what a great photo.

    Have you seen the blog – Under The Paw? I think the bloke who created it is in the UK – Tom Cox. On his Facebook page he keeps posting these “My cat is sad because…” They are so surreal that they are RIOT. It’s a favorite of mine. Here’s hoping I am remembering his name and the name of his blog right!!! 🙂

    1. Hugr! Anyone who calls me magnificent is OK in my book. Thanks for the super compliment!
      Yes, I have seen that blog. Me? I try to stay away from being sad, but I do admire a sense of humour.
      Thanks again for admiring my photo. Head bumps! Max

  2. Hi Max my friend! You are one good looking mancat….hubba hubba! Mom is going to buy your book for her kindle. She is running out of stories to read us and dad when we go to bed. She needs new material….even dad’s getting bored with the stories she makes up…..MOL

    (((Shoko and Kali)))

    1. Shoko and Kali! Nice to meet you. Tell your Mom thanks! Give her some extra purrs from me.
      You can give her a hint that more Tails From The Park are coming out on August 22. And, the forever free book Kathmandu is coming out later this month as well.
      Hope you two enjoy the stories and that the adventures don’t keep you up with the sometimes scary details. Whisker licks and some shared scent! Max

      1. Look at the stories coming out! We won’t have to settle for mom’s spur of the moment made up stories for a long-time. August 22nd for the next story. Is Katmandu available free through Kindle?

        1. Shoko and Kali, yes, stories! Absolutely Kathmandu will be free through Kindle. I keep my readers up to date with publication dates in the Max Gang. Your human can join at Then she will have all the dates for the new books when they come out.
          Kathmandu will be out in the next couple of weeks.
          Thanks for asking. Max

          1. Max! I didn’t realize there was one of your books out and the other 2 are pre-order. We have your first book and have the other 2 on pre-order so you better keep on writing my friend. Thanks for letting us know and we’ll keep our eyes on the look out for Katmandu. High five my friend.

    1. Hairballexpress. Did you mention to your humans that your name is…well…perhaps disconcerting? Handsome cat, though you may be. 🙂
      Tell your human “thank you” from me and give her some extra purrs.
      Head bumps! Max

      1. Marc-André. All thanks go to you for sharing Tails From The Park. Your blog followers are definitely a fun bunch. So happy to meet everyone. Paw of love! Max

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