Guest Star: Sox the cat that went missing for 10 months – Now re-united!

Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from weggieboy and the amazing story of his sister’s cat Sox who went missing for an awful long 10 months!!!

Sox came home to a new companion kitty (Molly) and new circumstances.

According to my sister, “The cats are co-existing, but at a distance.  Molly is definitely the dominant one, which surprises me.  Sox has actually tried to be friendly to her, but she wants nothing to do with him.  He is afraid of her.  She is not happy with me either, and avoids me if Sox is in the room.  I put Sox in ‘his’ room at night, and Molly is most happy to sleep with me and have me all to herself.  Neither cat will touch the other’s food or water.  Hopefully, they will eventually tolerate each other enough to be companions when I’m not home.” 

Sox had a rough 10 months, and my sister's  made an appointment to get him bathe=d and groomed this coming week.

My sister wrote, “Here [is a picture] of Sox the day I found him at the animal shelter.  His fur looked rough, even after brushing it, but he still is a pretty boy…discolored fur, neglected grooming, and all.”  

Poor kitty! He definitely looks like a kitty that was lost 10 months in this shelter photo! My sister made an appointment to get Sox bathed and groomed this week, so he’ll soon look more like he does in this earlier photo of him at their old house.

I asked her to send me an “after” photo, which I know she will since she is proud of her pretty kitties!

Cat-cousin Sox, a real fox!

For anyone with pets of any sort, it’s hard to imagine what my sister (not to mention Sox!) went through for those 10 months. We are just happy her kitty boy is home again and that he’s safe again from harm.

According to my sister, “Sox already got on the kitchen counter, the table and into a wastepaper basket.  No change there.”

Home again!

What about his new kitty sister Molly? My sister sent a current photo of her, too:

Molly is the queen of the house. How long wiill it be before she and Sox are best buddies?


UPDATE ON SOX AND MOLLY as of May 19, 2015

My sister writes: “Thanks for telling Sox’s story in your blog…although the shelter named him ‘Bobert.’  Sox loves playing with his toilet paper toy on the hardwood floors, and has enjoyed playing with all his other little toys too.  He wants out all the time, so we need to be careful every time someone comes in or out of the house.  Now he gets into Molly’s food, since she has basically a wet food diet.  Both cats are very possessive of me, so we have a long way to go for peace in this house.  [My grandson] spent the day here yesterday, so neither cat was happy.”

Original post can be found here.

We hope you enjoye their story and don’t forget if you too would like your cat to appear as a Guest Star just drop us an email! 😀

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33 thoughts on “Guest Star: Sox the cat that went missing for 10 months – Now re-united!

  1. franhunne4u says:

    Poor Sox, first he was gone, then he was in a shelter and when he finally returned, there was an imposter at his home … He must be a very sweet boy that he lets Molly dominate him.

  2. lawjic says:

    Have you considered using a cat behaviorist. Its a great, but sad story. Great as SOX is back; Sad that he lost HIS place…..these things can be worked out with a few sessions with a decent Cat Behaviorist. You do not need Jackson Galaxy as there are plenty of others who do this for a living and MAY be able to keep the peace and restore PURE HARMONY for you with both Sox and Molly.

    It is no one’s fault. I know you are MORE than aware just how territorial cats can be and to Molly: Its her house. To Sox: What happened? I think this will be easily resolved. I am thrilled he is HOME where he belongs. Now, everyone will be happier if Sox and Molly start to get along and bond, and I do not think you have a tough problem. Why not see if you can vet a decent cat behavior expert in your area? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I wish you, Sox and Molly ALL THE VERY BEST GOING FORWARD. You are great cat guardians!

      • weggieboy says:

        I note, too, that Sox disappeared the same day my sister moved into a new place, so Sox hadn’t yet had a chance to make it totally his own.

        The most recent (July 30th) update from my sister is: “The other day I slept in later than usual, and I guess he didn’t like that. He got into the wastepaper basket in my computer room, which is at the opposite end of the house from my bedroom. There was a trail of paper from that room to my bedroom, and in addition, a toy mouse on my bed. Molly doesn’t get into wastepaper baskets, but will eat the plastic liners in them if I don’t watch her. Sox keeps trying to boss her around, but she growls at him and he cowers away…poor kitty. After all, she is 2 months older than him, so she should be the boss!”

        On the other hand, both sleep on her bed with her, so they have made some accommodation for each other since the initial return of Sox.

  3. foguth says:

    I am so very, very glad that Sox got home, but must admit that when I saw his photo he looked shockingly like Mr. M., who was a dear friend rescued.
    BTW, Mr. M. and Purrsideon didn’t seem to like each other initially, but I believe they both have grown to appreciate each other. My friend says that Mr. M. even acts like he misses Purrsideon when she leaves.

  4. weggieboy says:

    Thank you for sharing Sox’s story, Marc-Andre.

    Since this happened, my sister had him microchipped and only lets him outside with a leash. (He was leash-trained as a kitten.)

    I think it is important that people know my sister checked the local shelters in the Seattle area where she lives each day Sox was missing, let her neighbors know Sox was missing, and posted missing cat pictures in public places.

    She eventually located him in a shelter several miles from home. His photo was posted on the site. Though the shelter had given him a cute name (apparently he went missing without his collar or if got lost at some point….), my sister recognized her kitty, contacted the shelter, and provided additional proof he was her cat. She had to pay a fee to get him back, of course, though she was more than willing to afterall.

    Sox was very happy to see her when she showed up at the shelter!

    The moral of the story may be not to give up when a pet goes missing. More importantly, make sure you pet is microchipped. It costs very little and makes it easier to identify a pet if he loses his collar or gets out without one on. (Since my sister had just moved that day, I note that the information you give when you microchip a pet needs to be updated with the veterinarian if you do change addresses so that information can be updated with the microchip service.)

    I hate to be so preachy but the loss of Sox was a sad time for the family. The now house is next to a wooded area, and there was fear Sox might have been killed by coyotes, among other terrible scenarios. (Yes, both of my cats is microchipped, and no, I don’t let them outside though one of them would have a great time exploring if I didn’t stop him from go out an open door.)

  5. mvaden1948 says:

    So glad Sox made it home safely.
    Years ago my cat disappeared. There was no moving and all the cats in the house were indoor out door. I went around the neighborhood for days calling for him. Finally one evening at dinner time….five months later….he showed up at the back door. He then lived to be a very ripe old age and never wandered again. This was in the days (probably 40 years ago now) before we could microchip our pets. Yes, my friends the days before personal computers or smart phones. You could only make a call from your home or a payphone.
    I had Diavolo microchipped a couple of weeks ago. Total for the chip implant and registration was $70.00 and it is for his life. And it is an international registration….not just with the Vet’s office. The company has a 24 hour toll free hotline and they will try to contact you if your lost pet is found or they will call your Vet or the person you listed as backup. Diavolo wears a collar (it’s break away so if it gets caught he won’t choke) with a tag with the toll free number on it as well as his microchip.
    I can only imagine the pain of having a pet gone for so long. The five months that my family’s cat was gone was hard enough.

      • weggieboy says:

        My sister had her cats microchipped after this, and I had my two microchipped when I had them neutered several years ago. Though they are indoor cats, I realize there is a possibility of one (Dougy) slipping outside if I’m not careful enough with open doors, for example, when bringing in groceries. It was cheaper to do here at $42 each cat (as I recall), but the price was trivial when one considers the benefit to your cat and you if it gets lost!

        • mvaden1948 says:

          The other thing to think about is what would happen to your pet in a natural disaster…like Hurricane Katrina. One little microchip could have reunited so many pets with their families.
          I checked my bills and the actual chip (injecting it into the pet) cost $50.05 and it was $19.95 to register him for live with the agency. Cheap at twice the price.

    • weggieboy says:

      It’s coming along, my sister notes. They both sleep on her bed with her, something that Molly wouldn’t allow Sox (who used to do it pre-Molly….) to do after he returned home. There’s a lot less hissing now, too, so they are getting used to each other in faster time than expected. (My sister was worried she might have to keep Sox in one room and Molly in another to keep peace in the family, something she did have to do initially, but not now. Whew!)

  6. coffeegrounded says:

    Precious! Welcome home, Sox, and Molly, you be nice. Sox has tales to tell. Be patient with him. Ten months on the road can be an enormous challenge.

    (So happy to hear this story. I wish your sister and her family well.). =^:^=

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