Discounts: Sophie Allport Wishes Happy World Cat Day

Hello everyone,

You may remember the fantastic range of cat themed items from Sophie Allport that we talked about in our previous post here.

If you’d like to purchase any of the items we have featured before or anything else from their site now is the time as CATDAY15 will give you 10% on their entire collection. 😀 The Discount is valid from now until the 21st of August.

Below some of the examples of their cat range.

Cat Collection High Res 3

Cat Collection High Res 4

Cat Collection Range 1 High Res

For those that missed our initial post this was what we got from them:


  • Double Oven Gloves! These are extremely well made and they must have known that we have been burning our hands using an old tea towel ever since our previous Oven Gloves wore out. This won’t happen again with this lovely set that Nubia fully approves of thanks to the black kitty. 😀
  • A purr-fect mug made of bone china! Nubia and Oliver were pleased that both of them were on this mug as of course they thought the collection was made based on them. 😉 This one will be perfect for having our daily tea here at Katzenworld HQ . 🙂
  • And lastly an A5 notebook! Now who will this go to? Of course Ann-Kristin so she can continue to write her book while enjoying the cat theme. 🙂

More about Sophie Allport:

Sophie Allport is a British homewares designer that creates ranges inspired by her love of nature, animals and the countryside. Collections include Swallow, Bees, Terrier, Labrador, Pheasant and of course Cats! You can find her entire cat collection of mugs, jugs and aprons to notebooks, bags and cat bowls online.

Postage is available worldwide and very reasonable for postage cost information please click here.

We already have spotted something that is on our future purchase list! The cat coaster set. 🙂

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39 thoughts on “Discounts: Sophie Allport Wishes Happy World Cat Day

  1. Thank you so much for the discount code ! Mum just ordered three lovely oven gloves (one is with cats of course !) Purrs

  2. Oh my kats!! The human is seriously Flippin out over here!! I’d better hide her debit /credit card, or she’ll spend it all there and I won’t get my 50 lb. Bags of nip! 😾

          1. MOL!😸 I don’t think so!! She behaves like a dog!! (But I love her anyway)- she wants the Creature’s dad up at 4:00 am EVERY DAY and BRINGS HIM the laser pointer so she can chase the red dot! (He has to get up at 5:am fur work)… After 10 minutes of play, she’ll let him sleep!! 😹

          2. I got one of those for Oliver because he has the same tendency haha. We’re so popular that I bought 20 from the wholesaler for friends and family and the shop LOL 😮

  3. I love her ranges! I got the large Mug for Christmas – the black and white one looks like my Toby, all black my Tinker, Tabby like my neighbours cat Kiity-Cat who I loved – still yet to own a Siamese!

  4. I love the WHOLE selection. Its different and modern and very much to my tastes! I hope she does SUPER WELL!! This blog will help her out. You’re a good man, Marc!

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