Sureflap Cat Flap and Jess

Just had my new Sureflap cat flap with glass connector installed into an UPvC patio door. Jess is absolutely loving the freedom of now having her very own door and I’m delighted to know that she can get in and out as she pleases. The added security that the Sureflap is scanning Jessie’s microchip, allowing only her to enter the house gives comfort that her domestic territory is a safe zone from other neighbourhood cats. Indeed I’m at ease knowing that I won’t come home from work to find a local feline flash mob having a party in my home. Sureflap is the most reliable, high quality and easy to use catflap I’ve found. It looks attractive, is easily wiped clean and Jessie only took a couple of entry and exit runs before she quickly worked out how simple and convenient it is. Love it! Great product, reliable and just purrrfect for outdoor cats and their caring owners.


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24 thoughts on “Sureflap Cat Flap and Jess

  1. foguth says:

    I’m very pleased to hear this … have thought these were a great idea, but did not realize there was a brand that worked with the microchip, which would assure ‘no feline flash mobs’.

  2. Susiewoo says:

    LOL – love the idea of a feline flash mob. I conjures up so many images of kitties raiding my booze and fags for some reason. Maybe I’m just a degenerate 😉

  3. PrairieChat says:

    When will this be available for my front door and car ignition. I’m more than willing to have microchip implanted if it means I know longer have to fiddle with keys!

  4. mvaden1948 says:

    Wow! My first thought “this is exactly what I need now that Diavolo has a microchip”. Then I googled it and saw the price and said “OUCH!” out loud. I’d need the one for patio door and here they sell for $499.00! About $449.00 out of my price range. And I also see that it has it’s own microchip and does not seem to work on the one implanted in him. Ah, well.
    So I remain Diavolo’s faithful cat butler.

    • Marc-André says:

      They do work with all microchips actually! 🙂

      The SureFlap website has accessory to make it work with most types of doors as well? I can ask them for details around patio doors and if you could get it cheaper directly from them if you’d like! (sorry for the late reply)

  5. catfromhell says:

    WoW! Do they have timers? We have thought about a cat door for years, but as we live in a rural community, we worry about the cats going out after dark and becoming a coyote or wolf supper.

  6. KDKH says:

    We used to have a similar set-up keyed to the dogs in order to let just the dogs out, but not the cats. If the cats got into the back yard, they would easily jump the fence and get into danger. So we had the flap activated to the dogs only. No problem. If a cat came to the flap and couldn’t get through, the dog would run to the flap and activate it for them. The cats were masters of getting what they wanted, and the dogs just wanted to be friends!

  7. Léa says:

    Alas, there is not to be any outdoors in Pablo’s future due to the busy road we live on. I’ve seen what happens…
    Of course he is curious but his safety is paramount and being young enough I do hope he gets use to it.

  8. Nil says:

    This last year I have been wondering if there wouldn’t be a catflap that reacts to a microchip as I don’t like a cat wearing a collar. A few of the neighbours’ cats made a habit of eating my Tiger’s food and it really is freaking him out. Especially because he’s getting rather old, cannot convince them to stay away as he used to and still has the insecurity factor of having been left behind and homeless before he adopted me. Closing the flap just wasn’t an option as that freaked him out even more… It would indeed be the ideal solution…

    But the price of it! Gulp!… 🙁 That’s not fair!

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