Guest Post: Why does my cat act like a dog?

Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from one of our regular contributors Roxana Oliver.

Don’t get me wrong, when I introduced Astoria into our household, I already had Brando and Archibald. Brando is also a dog, while I was under the impression that Archibald is a cat. However, ever since we got Astoria, Archibald started acting as a third puppy. While it is fun to watch the dynamic of this fantastic trio, it is kind of hard not to realize that my cat is slowly transforming into a dog. Here are the signs that I noticed so far.


Following me around the House

Astoria and Brando like to be near me. They are always following my every move and they are happy to participate in every hose chore that I do. They will run around me while I vacuum and they will catch the mop while I’m trying to sweep the floor. However, Archibald started showing the signs of the same behavior. Just recently, I realized that, while I’m washing the dishes, the two pups were sitting by my feet, as usual, but Archie joined us and sat by the sink, closely examining my dish washing. He didn’t want anything, he just figured out he joined the crowd. He’s been doing it ever since.

Eating Dog Food

Now, this started being a problem. To be honest, Archie is not the skinniest cat in the neighborhood. More precisely, let’s just say that he wouldn’t fit into his high school skinny jeans. He is the first one to finish off his food and he rarely leaves anything in his bowl. However, ever since he decided that he is a dog, he started sniffing around Brando’s and Astoria’s food bowls. Since he has been a bit harsh on Astoria when she acted out during his adaptation period, she is a bit intimidated by this fat bully and leaves him to her bowl. Although it may seem that this would mean it would be easier to organize pet supplies, I had to be careful. This is very bad for his health, because dog food is full of carbs that are just too much for cats. I’m having a very hard time explaining that to Archie.

Playing Catch

This one – I wouldn’t believe if I hadn’t seen it myself. Naturally, Astoria and Brando love playing catch. They could run over with that toy a thousand of times if I ever had enough time to play with them. It seems that Archie figured out that it is the way to catch my attention. However, being the Ultimate Lord of the House, he wouldn’t stoop so low as to catch the things that I throw. However, if I throw something to Astoria or Brando to catch, Archie rushes after them and brings me something completely different! For example, once I throw a ball for Brando and Astoria, Astoria was the first one to bring it back and then Archie came to me following her, bringing me my Bluetooth earphone. I guess that was the heaviest item that he could bring himself to lift and fetch for me. Needless to say, I started bringing home some pretty interesting toys. I had to improvise. Although, my favorite pet store is full of very cool stuff, a statement ‘I need something to play catch with my cat’ would definitely raise some brows.


Archibald is a very cool cat. Or dog. Or both. However, we all love him just the way he is. However, now when I think about it, I should have figured out what was happening once he started chewing on furniture rather than scratching it. On a more serious note, I talked to the vet and he explained that this sort of behavior is just fine and that he just tries to get more of my attention.

This article was brought to you by Roxana Oliver, we hope you are looking forward to more of her guest posts in the future! 🙂

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46 thoughts on “Guest Post: Why does my cat act like a dog?

  1. franhunne4u says:

    I know the phenomenon, Archie is not the first cat to play catch! Some even play it like dogs – waiting for things to be thrown for them and bringing it back!
    Here is a compilation:

    And my cats keep following me around my flat a lot of times. I lie down on my bed – tom comes up and lies close to me. I go back into the living room, alternatively tom or my little female come up, watching what I am doing and if there is a treat in it for them. When I changed my bedcloth on Friday, my little one was hard to be kept away from the bed long enough, to enable me to straighten the blanket …
    Your cat is a social creature and highly adaptable. And since you give him attention and reward him for being around and doing dog like things, he does them.
    Good you saw the food problem. The only way out of that will be to feed them separately, I am afraid.

  2. sidilbradipo1 says:

    Following me around the House = the king of chaos TopoloDexter 😀
    Playing Catch = the merry goodfellow Fritz 😀
    I think it is a very common behaviour, much more than expected!

  3. nananoyz says:

    Most of my cats have played catch. Scout will play it until my arm wears out or until the object being thrown accidentally lands under something her paws can’t reach.

  4. Nil says:

    Seems a case of ‘if you can’t beat them, join them!’ 😀

    As the attention was divided between more folks and as a dog usually does ask for attention more explicitly, the smart cat had apparently a very positive solution to the problem… and it worked! 😀

    Lovely story!

  5. foguth says:

    Archibald is not the only cat who is living outside the stereotype … Purrsideon LOVES water, road trips and walks on a leash better than any dog I’ve met. Well, at least she walks well when it is dry, but loses her ‘cool’ if there is a sprinkler or mud-puddle available to frolic in.

  6. colonialist says:

    I had a Burmese once that was as indefatigable at fetching and begging to throw again as any collie or fox terrier could ever be! I never managed to outlast him, not even once!

  7. queen rose says:

    Love your story! My cat is opening drawers in my craft cart looking for rubber bands. It’s always a fun time to watch cats playing and what they will come up with. I enjoyed your post!

  8. BonnieGailCarter says:

    My cat will also play fetch and catch. I tried to teach her to wink so she closes both eyes when I say wink. She won’t eat her food until I touch it and say “your food is fixed. You can eat it now.”
    She comes and gets me and leads me to her food to do it. I love her so much.

  9. ktcatpaws says:

    I just found this article. I love it. My cat plays fetch and will return the toy right at my feet. This lasts about 10 minutes they I am the one fetching the toy. Cats are sneaky. 🙂

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