Sleepypod – Angel’s Eyes traveling journey

I want to share with you a story about me traveling with my mom and dad to Milwaukee because my dad was going to have major surgery there. I’ll start my story by telling you that I received a Sleepypod to travel in. Sleepypod is pet carrier that is very unique but has been tested for pets so they can be passengers in the restraint system a safety system designed by Sleepypod to secure a pet in a vehicle and restrict harmful movement resulting from a sudden vehicle stop or frontal collision. Every Sleepypod carrier and harness includes PPRS components and features to improve pet passenger safety.

sleppypod 2

When you receive a Sleepypod the best way for you to get used to it before you travel is to let your pet play with it for about a week. Because if you just put your pet in it first they will always think it’s a negative thing like going to the vet instead of a safe fun place to sleep or travel in.

sleepypod 4

Here’s a few examples what I did to get use to the Sleepypod. I sniffed it and even played with the strap.

sleepypod 5

I played soccer using the lid as a goal post. Aha,,, mom you didn’t need to use this photo purr…. You could at least put a photo of me making the goal!

sleepypod 6

Peek a Boo! purr…. playing a peek a boo game will also help….

sleepypod 7

and hide N Seek…. Well you probably understand how to get your fur babies used to the Sleepypod.

sleepypod 8

Getting back to my story.
Here you see we are packing the car to start my adventure traveling in the car to our destination. Sleepypod has made sure to protect me and other animals during the joy of driving with pets. All Sleepypod dog and Cat harnesses and pet carriers go through stringent safety tests to include static material tensile testing and dynamic crash testing at the standard set for child safety restraints.

sleepypod 9

The traveling in the Sleepypod was the easy part of my travels. I had to get use to a new place with new smells and away from my home. I used the sleepypod as bed in the condo blankie and my lounger. purr.. It did help that I had some smells from home. You can also put them in a smaller room until they get used to a new place.

sleepypod 10

Sleepypod can be accessorized with a four seasons system that includes an Air Mesh hammock to help keep you pet cool in warmer climates and a plug-in Warmer pad to help keep your pet warm in cooler climates.

sleepypod 12

My journey with the Sleepypod made me feel safe and I would tell all my friends if they were going on a trip that they need a Sleeypod for safety reasons alone, but also to have a bed to sleep where they go. You can go take a peek at the different sizes and colors they offer as well as the accessories by following the link below.. besides go see the youtube video to see everything about Sleepypods they even have a lot of information on helpful tips on your safe travels with your pets.

Website :
Email :
Facebook :
Twitter :
Phone No.: (626) 421-6818
Youtube :

In conclusion to my story I am home again with mom and dad while dad recovers from surgery and he is doing well and I am happy my journey has come to an end. I would like to say Thank you all for your prayers and kindness of getting me and my family through this journey and Thank you Sleepypod for making my travels more comfortable and safe.

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Angel’s Eyes-Persian

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34 thoughts on “Sleepypod – Angel’s Eyes traveling journey

  1. crystaleagle24 says:

    Nice idea, especially if you do a lot of travelling. Kara was never any trouble with her carrier. MM, well she was okay as a kitten, but as an adult we had trouble getting her into it, and the vet had trouble getting her out of it!

  2. lawjic says:

    Angel: YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL and such a world traveler! I am so glad you have a “Sleepypod”. Its looks so cool and it MADE YOU FEEL BETTER. I hope your dad recovers and it well VERY SOON. Then there will be extra special love for you.

    Always remember, sweet Angel, most people do not TRAVEL with their cats. They hire pet sitters. Or worse? They stick you “in the jail” at the Veterinary Hospital and you feel abandoned. You have the best cat guardians ever, but they have an ANGEL of a cat! You deserve the BEST, always! I love you, Sweet Angel. You are so sweet and pretty too. I love that you are so loving!

    • Angel's Eyes - Persian says:

      Thank you Lawjic, you are so right about most people can’t take there pets with them and I was very blessed to be able to travel with mom and dad during the surgery not knowing how long they would be gone. They want the best for me and never want to leave me behind.

  3. hugr5 says:

    I like this phrase “peek a boo purr”. I know how it was phrased in the sentence was slightly different — upper case letters and an ! mark. However, the WORDS are almost lyrical! I think a poem could be written where the focal point is [drumroll] “peek a boo purr”. 🙂

  4. raisingdaisy says:

    What a great way to transport a cat and make them feel at home while away! And the fact that it can temp-controlled is a really good feature. I didn’t realize Dad was having surgery, but I’m glad he’s doing well and is back home. We’ll send out prayers for a speedy recovery. 🙂

  5. foguth says:

    Love the look of this carrier. I’ve been looking into these and in fact, blogged about the best pet travel case I’d found, today. This looks sturdier, which should mean that it would last longer, but at over twice the price, it should be. Right now, I’m trying to figure out how much I’ll be using a carrier, so I can figure out which option is the wiser choice.

    • Angel's Eyes - Persian says:

      This carrier is very sturdy and has been tested in crash dummies to protect your pet it would last a lifetime for sure they come in different models and sizes too. Besides you can use it as a pet bed too.

  6. BonnieGailCarter says:

    I love this Blog. My cat means the world to me. I called Petsmart in Lafayette, IN. about ten years ago and asked the guy is they had a cat. He replied, “Well, we have this one cat that keeps biting everybody and she won’t eat because she is depressed.” I said back to him “I’ll be right over to get her.” I didn’t have a car so I took a metal cart with two wheels on it and took the bus. When I got there I stated petting her and guess what? She didn’t hiss at me or bite me. So I bought her litter box, litter, food and water bowls, and Purina Real Chicken with Hairball Control. They put her in a box with some breathing holes and while I was on the bus I was talking to her to keep her calm. When I looked up I noticed people looking strangely at me so I told them “I’m not talking to a box, there”s a cat in the box.” She’s been a great companion to me but she won’t let most people pet her. I’m the only one that can pick her up and kiss her and rock her like a baby in my arms. Her name is Cali, because she’s a long haired Calico cat. I have to take an allergy pill and use allergy eye drops because I’m allergic to cats and dogs and a lot of other things as well. Cali won’t eat anything else: no canned cat food, no tuna, no cat treats, and no table food, She will only eat the Purina Real chicken with Hairball control. I wrote a story about “I Saved Her but She Saved Me Too” and it’s on Pinterest on The DoDo. I love her so much. Thanks for the Blog about cats. I love it.

    • Angel's Eyes - Persian says:

      Bonnie, What a great story about you and Cali. I do agree animals can save us. Angel has been a wonderful healing for my husband during his recovery and still recovering from pancreatic cancer he just had his pancreas and spleen remove. Angel keeps him laughing and really looks after him. Could you email your story to so you could be a guest star on Katzenworld blog tell him Lisa from Angel’s Eyes – Persian Sent you. I write for both sites and Marc is always looking for a great story and your is really will touch people. Thank you for sharing

  7. mvaden1948 says:

    I checked out the website and realized that I would have to buy a “dog” sized one if I got one for Diavolo. But if I ever have to fly with him I will definitely get the “Air” one.

    Glad the surgery went well. Hugs to you and your family, Angel.

  8. catfromhell says:

    Wes agrees with yous! Though me started traveling before there was Sleepy Pods, Mommy did the same with all of us was we travels a lot. We leash trained (and now harness trained as they is easier on us cats). wes must ALWAYS wears our collars.harness with identification when travelling. We also has a travel tag added. Yous knows those round tags that peoples puts on keys, we has those with all the particulars for the the specific trip. Most recently wes travelled to Calgary and each hotel/motel wes stayed at had the name and room number printed on the rag – in case wes escaped. Wes does this when wes goes camping too (with the camp site # on the tag).
    Your peoples is furry smart and that Sleepy Pos is the bestest!!!

    • Angel's Eyes - Persian says:

      Wow! You are a great travelers and I haven’t heard of those tags yet but Angel has a tag that you scan with her vet information and her mom and dad information on it but also Angel wears a harness while traveling with a leash too. We take every procausion but sounds like you have more information on traveling then I know. You are Pawsome!

  9. cheekiecat says:

    This looks so awesome. I don’t like to travel at all but I sure think this will make a good bed for me. Meoooowwww =P hope your dad feels better real soon!

  10. mvaden1948 says:

    I just thought I would let you know that this morning on Good Morning America (in the US) they did a segment on the safety of pet crates. 11 of the crates tested in crashes failed miserably. But…. Sleepypod was in the top three best! If I need to travel with Diavolo (other than his trips to the vet or the groomer) I will definitely get him the Sleepypod Air which is the one that would fit him.

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