Oliver & Nubia: Fun with the All For Paws Lamb Ball Catnip Toy

Hi everyone,

Nubia here! We got a furry little present through the post the other day. 😮


Nubia: Come here! You taste like lamb and have feathers. <3


Nubia: *Licks lips* Why are you so far away…


Nubia: Omg… Totally exhausted now!


Oliver: What is all this about??? Hmmm it’s a fluffy ball of some kind!


Oliver: It’s kind of tasty! 😀


Oliver: This is all mine! No one shall know that I ate it. 😮


Oliver: Oh shoot was that a camera… o.o

So our over-all rating for these?
This is a great little toy that will keep your cats entertained! What you can’t tell from the photos is that the “fulfill” also makes bird noises!


This is what it looks like when it first arrives.


On one side it has a small pull to activate plastic bit that you need to remove and voila it will start chirping when your cats play with it! 😀

If you’d like to purchase this for your own cats you can get the All For Paws Lamb Ball Catnip Cat Toy via Amazon for £3.99.

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32 thoughts on “Oliver & Nubia: Fun with the All For Paws Lamb Ball Catnip Toy

  1. crystaleagle24 says:

    Wonder how long it would have lasted with MM! Kara would have loved it, lamb and feathers, two of her favourites.

  2. floridaborne says:

    Oliver has the cutest little face. 🙂

    I can just see 4 dogs and 2 cats trying to play with it at the same time. It might last 5 minutes in this house.

  3. sidilbradipo1 says:

    Beautiful toy!
    But more than feathers/lambs, Fritz loves lizards 😀
    I took two days to discover where the last lizard hid to exit the game: behind the baseboard in the bedroom. It ran quickly on the lawn and disappeared 😀

  4. mvaden1948 says:

    I have never seen Nubia looking quite so ferocious as she does in that first picture. She’s definitely wanting to take a bite out of something!

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