Oliver: My kingdom!

Good Day  friends! 🙂

And welcome to my kingdom. I rule this vast country and everything you see belongs to me!


Nubia: He seems to be forgetting someone…


Oliver: Oh yes… That was my sister Nubia. She owns 10% of this kingdom.

Nubia: Excuse me… I think you’ll find we rule this kingdom and our servants equally *angry tail flap*

Oliver: Fine but you are not getting a photo today!

Nubia: Oh yes I do!


Nubia: Fear my giant paw! 😀

Oliver: but this post was meant to be all about me!!!

Nubia: Well that’s your problem =p

Oliver: *sigh*

Signed by

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief



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49 thoughts on “Oliver: My kingdom!

      1. Lol! We’re getting there, though he did end up in next doors garden on Sunday, and they have a dog! He hopped back pretty sharpish!!

  1. 10%? Seriously. Nubia’s claws need clipping. I would not MESS with her and Oliver is at risk too if he claims “90% of the KINGDOM”. This is another hilarious and very enjoyable post!! Too funny!

    1. Haha Nubia had her claws clipped after this photo. 🙂 she actually stretched them out and let’s us do it without complaint. Unlike his meowjesty Oliver… Lol

      1. Well he is in charge and since he is an indoor cat, I don’t see him getting out and making friends that will change his mind. We wouldn’t want him getting in with the wrong crowd or some of those cars/trucks that come down our road way to fast…

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