Oliver: A Dragon? A fly? A Kite! :D *includes Video*

Hi everyone,

Today we are looking at a new favourite toy of our two little mischievious cats It is a kite on a rod with Valerian filling.  This toy comes from our good friends over at 4Cats and the full range of toys can be found here.

The important thing to know with these toys is that not all cats go mad for the same “stuff”. Some cats go mad over valerian and some over catnip and of course there is the rare one that doesn’t like either one of the two. So next time you are buying a cat toy remember that valerian and catnip are two different plants that a lot of pet shops unfortunately use interchangable!

The substances that causes the ecstatic effect on our little friends are Nepetalactone and Actinidine.  On average between 50 and 70 percent of cats are attracted to this, which is why you may find that your own house tiger doesn’t go mad for it.

As with our previous look at toys it is always a good idea to supervise your cat while playing with them and ensure to take them away once you believe they have played with it enough. If you own more than one cat and they both love this toy you may even get them to play together with it like our two did! (YES we have video evidence. Which you can see below :D)

It is a good idea to put your valerian Kite toy away after use- To ensure it last longer always put it away in an airtight container AFTER it has dried out… Yes there was loads of cat slobber on this after the session in the video LOL.

And below you can see what Mr Oli has got to say about his new friend Mr. Kite! 🙂


Oliver: I see a tasty bird!!! :O


Oliver: Come here flying thingy…


Oliver: I got you!!!! Hmm…. this smells nice… <3


Oliver: What!!! Where do you think you are going! :O *Climbs up*


Oliver: You won’t escape me!


Oliver: Delicious feathers! 😀

Oliver and the 4 cats Kite toy

Oliver: All mine!!!!

For more details about 4cats please visit their website by clicking here. (Available in both German and English)

4Cats toys are now available on our Katzenworld Online Shop btw! 🙂

We hope you enjoyed the post and are looking forward to more from your favourite kitties!



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10 thoughts on “Oliver: A Dragon? A fly? A Kite! :D *includes Video*

  1. lawjic says:

    The dialogue and videos are more than PRICELESS. And, to me, Oliver just gets more beautiful each time I see him. No one can ever argue you are NOT part cat AND that your cats are having a really great time.

    The photos and videos (and cat dialogue) are proof positive that your cats are partying and enjoying their toys immensely. They do have the best cat guardians EVER. I wish every cat guardian cared and LOVED as deeply as you do, Marc.

    These are very HAPPY CATS ALWAYS!! We all need to follow Marc’s lead for our fur babies!

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