Oliver & Nubia: Rotat ‘N’ Feather Toy

Hello everyone,

We recently bought a new toy for our kitties from Feedem – you can find it here.

It is a small scratch pole with a feather attachment on the top that will rotate around the pole for extra attention! 😀


Nubia: These feather’s don’t smell right?!?

Marc: Let me open it first! Silly princess. 😉


Oliver & Nubia: Can we play with it now???

Marc: Assembly first! Playing second. 🙂

Eventually I managed to assemble it even with the professional help of our two royal felines. 😉 And Oliver sure likes it. 😀


Oliver: Come here bird!

Nubia: Hit it harder Oliver! 😀


Oliver: I am trying! But it keeps moving!!! o.o


Oliver: Stop moving!!! I want to catch you. <3

Nubia: You are too slow…


Oliver: I will get it this way!!!


Oliver: Groar! All mine. :O


Nubia: I am getting hungry when will birdy be served???

Oliver: In a minute…


Oliver: Got ya! Harhar

Nubia: At last! 😀

Oliver & Nubia: Don’t forget to check out our video. 😀

On to a little bit of a review about the toy!

It was super easy to assemble and came with all the bits you needed to do so. 🙂

Have to say as our cats are indoors they were a bit skeptical about the rotating part at first but soon got used to it and LOVE batting it now! The rotating part can be operated eco friendly through solar power (that’s the little leaf like bit on the top!) or with a single AAA battery (included)

Overall verdict:
A great toy for kittens and cats alike! The RPP is £17.99 but it is available for £12.85 from Feedem here, at this price a total bargain for a scratching pole. 😀 The pole itself is covered in Seagrass a more eco friendly alternative to the regular material used.

Not in the UK? You can also find this in the US by clicking here.



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17 thoughts on “Oliver & Nubia: Rotat ‘N’ Feather Toy

  1. angelswhisper2011 says:

    A lot of investigation is going on there, Nubia…could be me, but within one minute, I definetely lose my mood to investigate. I like feathers when they fly up high in the sky…if you know what I mean 😀 Granny says it’s a nice toy 😉 Pawkisses for a Happy Flying Weekend 😀 <3

  2. Léa says:

    I think we get more out of watching the cats with the toys than they get from playing with them. Laughter is still the best medicine! 😉

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