Oliver: Sleeping in style! Sun <3

Hello friends and humans!

Today I have a very special collection of moments for you.


It’s about us cats favorite daytime activity – chilling and sleeping in the sun on my favorite human Marc. Having the sun kiss my furr just feels so nice. Purrrrrr


Same moment different position. It got a bit hot on that side so had to tan the other side. 🙂


Different day – different place. But again IN THE SUN 😀


So sleepy now…. zzzZZzzzzzz

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Signed by

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief

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28 thoughts on “Oliver: Sleeping in style! Sun <3

  1. It looks like you’ve found a great lap to nap in Oliver! My kitties love to nap in laps too. I hope you got all of the sun that you wanted 🙂

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