Oliver & Nubia: Wagg Kit Nip Cat Treats with Chicken

Hi everyone,

Nubia here! Look we received a box through the post!


Nubia: I wonder what is in there?


Oliver: Haha! I managed to get a bag out of the box but there is a problem…

Nubia: What?

Oliver: It is a sealed bag and I am lacking the thumbs to pull it open!

Nubia: Noooo! 🙁


Oliver: You there! Human with the thumbs! Open this bag please. 😀


Oliver: *Yummy* Gimme more! :O

Oliver: Nubia…

Nubia: Yes…?

Oliver: Are you still eating those? :O

Nubia: YES!


Oliver & Nubia: Please give us more~! Otherwise we won’t let you have back the box! 😀


Oliver: For these I will even do tricks! Including my famous “Mach Männchen”. 😀

Nubia: Please tell me I can have this without making silly  doggy tricks… 😉

Time to pass over to the humans for the review!

These are crunch cat treats and come in a bag size of 70 gram making them a decent size for single or multi cat households alike. (Wouldn’t want to run out in one feeding but also not have it go off right! 😉 )

The treats are free from artificial colours or flavours. Additionally they have been enriched with taurine, vitamins and minerals for the general health of your cat.

As with all treats remember that this should be fed sparingly and as a reward but not to replace complete foods.

So our over-all rating for these?

These snacks went down very well with our two! We even managed to get Oli to do some tricks as you saw above. 😉 If you are looking for some great value cat treats and your cat likes the crunchy type these are perfect!

If you’d like to purchase this for your own cats you can purchase these as a box of 12 bags directly from Amazon UK here for £12 making them a £ per bag! 🙂

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22 thoughts on “Oliver & Nubia: Wagg Kit Nip Cat Treats with Chicken

  1. weggieboy says:

    Love them all, but the fourth photo down, where Oliver gives you an incredulous look for not anticipating the need to put those opposable thumbs to good purpose is my favorite. (Why did you evolve anyway, if not to serve cat masters???)

  2. lawjic says:

    Oliver is SO ADORABLE AND REGAL….I know you said he would bite me, but I want to give him KISSES! He loves all the samples, clearly!

  3. Léa says:

    Years ago there was a huge calico someone, NOT ME, named Fred Boots. He was tremendous and would pounce on those treat packets then tear them open with his teeth. He also was adept at opening the cabinet door where they were kept. He was a sweet cat but efforts to help him reduce his size were abysmal failures.

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