Infographic: A cat owners cleaning survival guide

Hi everyone,

The below infographic was sent in to us to help you all with useful information around dealing with spills and other reasons for the need to clean your place.

We hope you’ll find this useful! 🙂

Cat Owners Carpet and Rug Cleaning Guide
The Cat Owners Guide to Caring for your Rugs and Carpets by The Rug Seller.



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21 thoughts on “Infographic: A cat owners cleaning survival guide

  1. Thanks for all the info about stains etc. Imagine a kitty on a peep toilet. You wouldn’t catch me on one, doing my business. No way. Someone could push me in the toilet when I’m left vulnerable like that.

  2. My cats do not cause wax-stains – who would let them play with a burning candle? Or let a candle burn unsupervised with cats around??
    My cousin had a terrible case of cat allergy – even when the cat was not in the same room he got an asthma-attack! Nothing like running nose for him … He is a guy who went for the REAL stuff back then …
    and of course my cats pee indoors – they are indoor cats. They just use their cat toilets for that! I think that leaflet needs some working on …

    1. Ah! Well yes that’s a good point about keeping those out of reach in general… I think they were trying to include some general tips for the Infographic. 😉

  3. I just saw the picture of the cat on a roomba, my friend designs those at iRobot. As for the instructions on how to take care of a cat, I found these useful in the near future when I get my own furry feline.

  4. I’m wondering if the extra difficulty in cleaning spilt wine, is the actual reason it got spilt in the first place .. too many of them ??? LOL

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