Oliver & Nubia: Not another one of these! ;) Dalek 2.0 aka iRobot review

Hello everyone!

Oli here with another report from Katzenworld HQ. Apparently after fending of the other Dalek our humans decided to invite a new and improved version to terrorise us! 🙁

Oliver: There it is!!! The intruder. :O Near my food bowl ack!

Nubia: You mean our bowl…

Oliver: Luckily this roboto seems to not mind have a passenger! So I can now be lazy and ride on it through the living room. 🙂

Nubia: Great! So it will be even more difficult to get you to exercise lol.

Oliver: Mean sister! 🙁

Oliver: Hmm…. So Mr. Robot seems to sleep near our toilet. Is it trying to keep an eye on us???

Nubia: Don’t be so paranoid! He knows the kitchen is the place with the most dust because of YOU so he tries to keep it CLEAN! 🙂

Oliver: Right right ok… Time for the video. 😀

Oliver: Time to pass over to our humans for the review of this thingy.

Thank you Mr. Oli! 🙂

Right so let’s have a look at the iRobot Roomba 800 series.

The Roomba comes out of the box with a docking station, 2 light towers, a remote and of course the cleaning robot itself. 🙂 You are probably wondering what on earth is a light tower doing??? Ships in the living room? Basically the light tower creates an invisible barrier for the robot cleaner that will keep it in certain areas. This is a very handy feature if you’d like it to stay put in a certain part of your place.

The robot also comes with a docking station to which it will return on its own to recharge in between cleaning sessions. The iRobot can be programmed to clean your house automatically at set days and times. If you want to you can set it to clean once every day. (Very handy if you have kitties leaving furr all over the carpet. 😉 )

The robot of course comes with dirt detection and will go over especially dirty locations multiple times to ensure they are clean. 😀 It is also extremely good at avoiding obstacles and stairs and will fit under most furniture to clean hard to reach places.


The way this robot works is it has a large roll underneath and uses air suction as well to get rid of all the dust and dirt of your carpet or hard flooring. It also has a brush on the side to get dirt particles out of corners and push it under it’s main areas. Thanks to the way the roll is designed there is no risk of swallowing leads and other random objects like cat toys and we found that it maneuvered over the cables without any issues.

As for cleaning the robot can be cleaned very easy. There is a quick release button that you press to remove the cartridge that contains all of dust, furr and whatever else your fur-friends left on the carpet! LOL

This amount of dust was picked up during just one session in our living room!

Overall verdict:
This is the top of the range cleaning robot and at an RPP of £639.00 for the iRobot Roomba 880 model certainly not a cheap purchase. However as an old saying says you get what you pay for and this is certainly true for this particular model. While the entry level model we reviewed a while ago will do the job the iRobot comes with a lot of extra features to make your life easier and more convenient. Therefore if money is not your main deciding factor we would highly recommend going for the iRobot as it comes with features such as the light towers and virtual barriers and automatically re-charging itself on the docking station. It’s room mapping protocol is also more intelligient than cheaper models and additionally you can create and upload your own software into its operating system to design special cleaning modes.

If you would like to purchase an iRobot Roomba 880 you can find it on their official store here there it is currently priced at £599.99. They also have cheaper entry level models available in the same store. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Oliver & Nubia: Not another one of these! ;) Dalek 2.0 aka iRobot review

  1. susieshy45 says:

    Thanks for sharing !
    The cats did not seem so wary of the vacuum cleaner as I expected. They seemed to be accepting of anything that came their way.

  2. Moongazer says:

    OMG I *so* want one of these!! We have mostly hard floors and I got a real cheapy one that just picks up dust on a replaceable cloth which is fine for areas where nobody goes but it doesnt get bigger bits and wont work on rugs. Your one is like a Rolls Royce compared to our toy car out of a xmas cracker LOL.
    Great review, I am very envious 😀

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