Guest star: Emily Dickinson aka the Slow Mo Cat!

Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Emily Dickinson aka Slow Mo Cat.

Born in 1999 and named after a poetic legend, Emily Dickinson has traveled far and wide and had many adventures.

IMG_0349 (1)

Though she has now reached an advanced age (almost 15!) her countenance and activities belie her years.

Emily happily spends her days striking regal poses, playing, snacking, napping, running around, looking at things, and generally being a pampered and well-loved cat.

IMG_0567 (1)

Rumored to be a direct descendent of the Egyptian Cat-Goddess Bastet herself, Emily has recently taken to the internet where she is known as the Slow Mo Cat. Like a superhero, she has tapped into previously unknown talents and abilities.

IMG_0594 (1)

In her time as the Slow Mo Cat, she has engaged in battles wither her nemesis The Rainbow Snake, showed off her acting abilities by impersonating characters from Game of Thrones, and engaged in high-level Inter(cat)tional diplomacy resolving hos(tail)ities that arose between herself and her own tail.

IMG_0674 (1)

Don’t forget to check out her Blog here.

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