Mews: What Your Cat Does When You’re Not Home *Video*

Hi everyone,

Ever wondered what your cat is up while alone at home? Look no further!

Hopefully our little friends don’t actually think of this while we are not at home but I sure thought that this was funny. 😀

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32 thoughts on “Mews: What Your Cat Does When You’re Not Home *Video*

  1. MOL 😀 …Toothbrush…I have to try that one 😀 Thank you for coming to my Pawty, Marc. It made my birthday just a little bit more special <3 Extra Pawkisses for the weekend 😀 <3

  2. LOL this is lol lol lol amazing can’t stop laughing toothbrushes happy I don’t have to leave the house often. Hey can I borrow this for Petlapedia? PLEASE!! Hey, in your next post can you give a link to see my page I only have 4 followers not counting you.
    Oh and all you other guys here’s a link to the greatest computer fixers ever!!
    Hey guys, this is my link to my blog if you <3 animals follow me here!!!!!,d.cGU

    1. Glad you liked it ^^ and I don’t do link posts as such but you can enter our Blog roll if you have a cute cat photo for Tuesday? 🙂 or you could write a cat story for our guest post Saturday’s? ^^ those are the ones that will get a back link to you 😀

  3. Oh, the joys of being a cat alone in a house. I don’t have a cat, yet, but I do know people who wonder what their pets do when they are not there. Most of them are cat owners.

  4. LOL; LOL. That video is hilarious. I love the vacuum cleaner scene and the shredded couch and the tossing another cat’s photo off the mantle. Truly entertaining and HILARIOUS!!! So glad you shared this!! So where is the SpyCam video of Oliver and Nubia while your were “on holiday”?? Waiting for it!!

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