Guest star: Peter the Cat dog!

Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Desiree you can visit her and her fur-friends whom you can visit here.

If Dillinger is my most neurotic cat, Snowbelle my most high maintenance, and Cookie my most bad ass, then Peter is by far my most interesting cat.


We got Peter and Dillinger at a no kill shelter. Upon bringing them home, Dillinger hid for three days while Peter went and sprawled out in our family room.

Next, Peter went and approached our Australian Shepherds without any hesitation. In the days and weeks that followed one thing was clear. Peter thought he was a dog. He slept between the dogs, he sat and begged for leftovers with them and when I said “outside” to the dogs, he tried to go outside with them. Unfortunately, he was successful at times and twice he jumped out of a window with the screen in it. Yes the screen was still in the window and lets just say the screen took the worst beating. After a 20 minute struggle to get him in a cat carrier for a vet appointment, he violently threw himself repeatedly against the sides of the carrier making the carrier roll down the driveway with me in hot pursuit.

Then there is the explicit poses. If there was jail time for indecent exposure, Peter would be serving consecutive life sentences. See pictures below.


Oh and don’t get me started on the snoring which took me three days to figure out. What cat snores? What is a catdog owner to do? I started looking into harnesses and realized there was no way his big, fat head and neck would fit in a cat harness, nor much to my surprise the small dog harness.

Finally I found a medium dog harness. It is green and has skull and crossbones on it. Now Peter gets to go for walks too, in the safety of our backyard but that seems ok with him because you know, he is a dog.


Any other catdog owners out there? Or am I the only owner of a cat that sleeps upside down, snores and goes for walks?


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60 thoughts on “Guest star: Peter the Cat dog!

  1. Joanna Watts says:

    Peter is gorgeous! We have a cat that is in love with our dog and the feeling is definitely mutual. It’s quite hilarious to watch them together. Spooky is quite a big cat (all black with white socks and gloves) but his girlfriend is an Old English Sheepdog (so about 20 times his size!). He’s in charge of the relationship though, proving it’s all about the personality!

  2. Ritu says:

    Peter, you sound like our Sonu Singh, he’s a Punjabi CatDog, sleeps like that, plays fetch, gets walks outside with his harness too, but he hasn’t actually encountered dogs yet!!! Oh and he has a really loud purr when sleeping, snore style!!!!

  3. franhunne4u says:

    My FunTom snores. And he obeys to SIT (well, now and then). No walks outside, though. But follows me around the appartment. Me on my bed – cat on my bed. Me on my sofa, cat on my sofa. Me “on the throne” – cat in the bathroom, too.

  4. Harsh but Necessary says:

    I’m so glad there’s another one out there! My cat Trooper is the same, from the harness walking to the snoring to the sleeping on his back…the same. He also licks me like the dogs. I love it!

  5. Rasma R says:

    Well our adopted cat Sid has a garden in which he can roam freely but he does love to sleep on his back at times and at times he does snore.

  6. loisajay says:

    This is a riot. And maybe it’s just me, but Peter does not seem all that happy in his harness. Oh, that look. He is one cool cat……um, catdog.

  7. lawjic says:

    Wow. Peter is AMAZING, looooong and a tummy rub cat. Definitely NOT one who likes to burrow, but he will stretch out and likely requires a large doggies bed…although I think Peter will sleep anywhere that is warm enough where he can stretch out!

    He appears to be a Bengal (when he is upside down and showing his tummy) but when I see the harness on him and THAT HE GOES FOR WALKS (seriously?), I see a tabby cat or DSH. I think he is very special, deserving of a post on Marc’s BLOG. I tried harnesses and walks with every cat. It has never worked for me. They won;’t GO. I will not drag them.

    Either let them out to be FREE or leave them be inside. I can’t GET a cat on a leash!

    Kudos to Peter’s guardians and family! Peter: YOU ARE AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL!

  8. mvaden1948 says:

    Peter is a lovely cat! Great pictures.
    My cat Diavolo also loves to sleep on his back and yes, he snores and makes other funny noises. He is the noisiest bather I have ever seen.
    He is afraid of dogs….so far…maybe it is because we only have little yappy ones at the apartment complex. Since he was the community cat for many years he does go outside on his own but only stays out about an hour and amazingly (I have never had a cat do this) he comes when he is called. Maybe he’s afraid I’m going to go to bed and leave him outside all night (not going to happen). He comes in and follows me to the bedroom and hops up on the bed and purrs or snores me to sleep. And now he’s bugging me to go out for a morning meander.

    • Marc-André says:

      It’s very rare that cats listen to their name. 😮 Oliver does that too – it’s too cute when I call him to bed in the evening. :). Nubia on the other hand you can call and call and call lol

      • mvaden1948 says:

        I’m thinking that Diavolo when he comes may be responding to the funny little chirping noise I make rather than actually his name although he does seem to pay attention when I just say his name. He doesn’t really respond to “here kitty, kitty” and I only use it to let my neighbors know what I’m doing and not hissing/chirping at them.

  9. tamaralowery says:

    Cricket, the lone tom of our one year olds, likes to play fetch when we go to bed. He’ll bring one of his glitter fluff balls or another small toy to us and drop it for us to throw off the bed. Unless one of his sisters beats him to it, he’ll bring it right back nearly every time.

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