Mews: When Lunch Fights Back!

This cat thought that he got very luck and would have an easy lunch when he found and caught this little chipmunk…

Unfortunately he didn’t calculate in that this chipmunk would be a bit feisty :O But the big question is why did the cameraman not help!

Good luck next time Mr. Cat! 🙁

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cat and chipmunk 2

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46 thoughts on “Mews: When Lunch Fights Back!

  1. syl65 says:

    Mr. Cat fell for the old “play dead” routine and then a couple of UFC style punches and Mr. Chipmunk was off to the races…. 🙂

  2. lawjic says:

    Very funny and cute post. I am happy the chipmunk made a friend instead of BEING lunch! Hilarious to see.

  3. Midwestern Plant Girl says:

    You know the camera crews always say they are unbiased and don’t interfere with the action. Although this was a cute, happy video, there are other videos that I would like to slap the videographer.

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  5. Hangaku Gozen says:

    We had a cat that would routinely catch baby rabbits, moles, chipmunks and other little furry critters, then let them go and watch them run away, or lie on the ground for a few seconds, stunned by their experience. He was very well-fed, and his previous owner had declawed him 🙁 , so it was a marvel he was able to catch anything at all. But he seemed to do it just for the fun of catching things. It certainly wasn’t fun for the animals he caught and brought home, and not all of them survived their ordeal. But I’m glad the chipmunk got away!

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