Oliver: Cleaning time!

Oliver: Right before my couch-bath let me check that no one is watching!


Oli: No one on that side.


Oli: And no one on that side either!


Oli: *Purrs and cleans*


Oli: Oh and there is another spot on my tail!


Oli: Oh and must not forget my toes. 🙂

Oli: And that’s it – good that NO human captured my cleaning session or I would get very angry *tail-flaps*

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Signed by

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief

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25 thoughts on “Oliver: Cleaning time!

  1. He is a wonderful groomer. Ms. Cali used to be able to look that beautiful until she just got sick at 19. He is a beauty!

  2. My cats sigh and put up with me when they are cleaning. I can’t resist. When I see that leg sticking straight up, I have to torture them and go grab hold of that foot for a few seconds. I know, I know. Bad human! Let’s just call it payback for all the early morning wake ups when they want their food. 😉

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