Oliver & Nubia: Attack of the Dalek! Or as the humans would say a cleaning robot review. ;)

Hi everyone,

Oliver here for an urgent report from Katzenworld HQ. I think we are in dire need of help from our friend Billy the time cat as we happen to be under attack by a Dalek!

The humans said its a cleaning robot produced by Vileda, meant to clean up after our mess! (What mess do they refer to?!?) I know better than them as this sure is an attack on our home! :O


Oliver: It may look harmless at the moment!!!

Nubia: Stop dramatising Oli… It’s there to clean up after you! o.o


Oliver: I am sure it’s up to something…


Oliver: Look Nubia I found the power button!!! We can disarm it. :O

Nubia: Stop messing with the robot… It’s after all meant to clean-up after YOUR mess!!!

Oliver: Mean sister 🙁

Oliver: Don’t you remember how the Dalek chased you around the house???

Nubia: No…

Oliver: Well check this video!!! :O

Oliver: Now on a more serious note let’s put you across to our humans for the review!

Thanks Oliver!

Right so let’s have a little look at the Vileda robot cleaner.

This little gem of a robot cleaner will sure save you loads of time cleaning up after your little fur-friends. (No offence Oliver but it’s spring and you are shedding LOADS of hair. 😉 ) The robot comes with 3 cleaning programs for different room sizes (Small, Medium and Large) We found the Small setting perfect for our flat!

The robot easily cleans corners, edges and even under our coffee table! As it’s only about 8 cms in height it should fit under most raised furniture, just ensure you remove wires and cables to make it easier for your “little slave” to clean up. 🙂

We tried the robot cleaner on both our hard kitchen floor and the carpet in the living room – it had no issues with either and in fact we were shocked how much dust and hair it picked up in even just a few minutes! And that’s despite us generally cleaning with a regular hoover. The robot certainly has the advantage over our old hoover hehe. (As per the manufacturer it is suitable for all hard floors and short-pile carpets.)

The rotating side brush ensure that even corners are cleaned whole the underside will gently brush your carpet and remove dust, hair and even tracked cat litter. (Darn Oli!!!)

If you leave the robot running by itself it will eventually indicate that it is finished by beeping – time to move him to another room! 😀

The dust compartments are easily emptied, just turn the robot over and open them up. Make sure you empty it over a bin. (I made the mistake of trying to look at it over the carpet LOL)

If you have stairs like we do and are worried about the robot falling off you don’t have to worry as Vileda has thought about this and the robot comes with drop sensors specially designed to avoid falling down stairs. We can confirm that our little helper confirmed this claim with excellent stair avoidance navigation. 🙂

As for general navigation around the room the robot cleaner has front sensors and will attempt to avoid all obstacles. Should it fail to anticipate an obstacle the front bumper will gently nudge your furniture before it turns around to another area, no damage was done to the furniture or robot in the process of this.

Battery life of the robot is quite good as well as it lasts for approximately 80 minutes per cycle while it took it only about 20 minutes to determine that our room was clean! It doesn’t have an automatic charging station it can return to but this is reflected in the price.

Over-all verdict
If you are looking for a gadget that will clean up after your fur-friends without too much effort when this is your perfect entry level choice. (No more continuously hoovering yourself after your cat’s hair! Or worse using a hair removal brush and doing it yourself on your knees) Especially handy if you suffer from dust or pet hair allergies and want to ensure that you can continue to live with your fury companion without the hassle of regularly hoovering yourself. 🙂

We also noticed that after the initial WHAT IS THAT the cats got very used to the robot cleaner and don’t mind it swooshing around their place, unless they get curious. 😉

At a retail price of £149.99 the robot is a lot cheaper than comparable robot cleaners and very good value for money. Just remember that the lack of some of the advanced features of other robot cleaners are reflected in this amazing price!

If you’d like to purchase one you can find the Vileda robot cleaner on their own website here. Other UK stockists include Amazon, Argos, Hughes. Some of these have special offers that may make this an even better deal at bargain prices! (For other countries check the Vileda website for stockist information.)

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18 thoughts on “Oliver & Nubia: Attack of the Dalek! Or as the humans would say a cleaning robot review. ;)

  1. lawjic says:

    Very, very, VERY well written story. You SURE know how to get into the cat’s mind and express things well from the cats’ point of view. That is a wonderful gift you have with cats. Oliver and Nubia are so lucky. We have that here. It goes by a difference name. In my house, I think it would be useless as there is too much clutter and places it would get stuck. The product may well be awesome. The post is just outstanding. I love it! Thanks for sharing this in our Cat Lover Group too!

  2. coffeegrounded says:

    Marc, I swear by these automatic cleaners. My brother gave me one several years ago. I ran my regular vacuum (Sebo) and then I would run my robot. I was amazed at what it would collect from an already vaunted floor.

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