Zelda: My first artwork!

Hi everyone,

Apologies for those expecting Purrsday Poetry today (This will resume the week of the 18th of May) Instead we have a quick message from Zelda and my sister!

They both got super excited the other day as Bea has finished drawing Zelda.

Big thanks again goes to Bea from Bea Gifted for the amazing work she is doing on the artwork.

So here she is our little naughty but cute Zelda haha.


So what are your thoughts on the latest artwork? 😀 2 More to go! One you know. One will be a surprise. 🙂

As mentioned before all of these amazing drawings will be added to our Online Shop as keyrings and other merchandise. And remember purchasing from our online store sees much of the profit go to charity! 🙂 (We have also managed to reduce shipping costs to all locations so worth checking it out if you thought costs were too much before.)

We will be posting more artwork soon. Take a guess who will be next!

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44 thoughts on “Zelda: My first artwork!

  1. Rasma R says:

    Great artwork. I love Zelda’s big eyes. i finally got a nice shot of my cat Sid when his eyes are really big and they look just like Zelda’s. Really nice work.

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