Charity Mews: Pets of the Homeless is a Cause for Paws

Hi everyone,

Today’s important Charity Mews come from the american charity Pets of the Homeless:

Giving food and services to homeless pet owners provides creature comforts around the country.

(Carson City, Nev.) – 3.5 million Americans are homeless. Between 5 and 10 percent of homeless people have dogs and/or cats. In some areas of the country, the rate is as high as 24 percent. Genevieve Frederick realized this was a national issue. She founded Pets of the Homeless in 2006 to offer animals the food their owners cannot provide. The organization garnered nonprofit status in 2008.

Pets of the Homeless is a volunteer-based organization that was established by Genevieve Frederick, who was retired from a career in marketing and promotions. She has grown the organization significantly, now with three part-time salaried team members and one executive director.

When Frederick was in New York City in 2005 to receive an award for her self-published book, Happy Tails: Hilarious Helpful Hints for Dog Owners, she spotted a homeless man and his dog on the sidewalk that caught her attention. She wanted to do something about it, but was too afraid to approach him.


“I couldn’t get them out of my mind,” she said. “I did more research, and found that most people who experience homelessness are homeless for a short period of time and usually need help to find housing or a rent subsidy. Unfortunately for those with pets it becomes more difficult. Many are forced to choose between their pet or a roof over their head.”

Pets of the Homeless’ mission is simple – to feed and provide basic veterinary care to pets of homeless people in the United States and Canada.

Pets of the Homeless is busy promoting to veterinarians and pet-related businesses the importance of joining the organization as a collection site and campaigning to food distributing organizations the importance of distributing pet food to the less fortunate.

Through a grant program, Pets of the Homeless provides resources for vaccines and veterinary care via participating licensed veterinarians, as well as getting funding for crates that allow pets sanctuary with their owners in homeless shelters.

“These pets are non judgmental, provide comfort and an emotional bond of loyalty. In some cases, they provide the homeless with protection and keep them warm,” said Frederick. “That one day in New York changed my life. I look forward to each day knowing that we can assist the many homeless people out there.”

Homeless cat and dog by Tim Hulsizer 100 dpi web

Pets of the Homeless has more than 400 distribution locations in food banks and soup kitchens in nearly every state. Over 711,000 lbs. of food have gone to tens of thousands of animals. More than $276,000 has been provided for vet care expenses, pet food and crates. To donate, please visit

About Pets of the Homeless

Pets of the Homeless believes in the healing power of companion pets and of the human-animal bond which is very important in the lives of many homeless. They find solace, protection and companionship through their pets. They care for their pets on limited resources so they themselves have less. The task, nationwide, is to feed and provide basic emergency veterinary care to their pets and thus relieve the anguish and anxiety of the homeless who cannot provide for their pets. For more information, please visit


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16 thoughts on “Charity Mews: Pets of the Homeless is a Cause for Paws

  1. lawjic says:

    Excellent story. I support this 100%.

    We feed the homeless; let’s feed their pets too.

    These homeless people are homeless because they may have missed one payment or they got ill and they could not afford the hospital bills.

    Unless you are wealthy, NONE of us in the “middle class” is remotely immune. This is now a 2-class society (why DENY it?).

    We are ALL maybe one or two paychecks away from potentially being homeless. So what ABOUT our pets? We still LOVE AND NEED THEM; THEY NEED US. Are we going to leave them in a shelter to die? They are better off with us, as we will take care of them, even if we are homeless. WE LOVE THEM. They are our best friends and they are INNOCENTS.

    Please always feed the homeless AND THEIR PETS TOO.

    How else can the animals survive? Trust me: the animal’s guardian is going to spend EVERY penny on the animal BEFORE they feed themselves. They love their pets they same way as we all do.

    My guess? They just caught a really lousy break. They are not losers or alcoholics/drug addicts and the like–some are–but you can tell the difference. THEY MISSED A PAYMENT and sadly, that is all it takes to be evicted or foreclosed on….think about it. Even if they are addicts and they have a pet, they STILL NEED FOOD. Who are we to judge another human being? Please don’t do it.

    You could be next. SO COULD I.

    I TOO MAY BE HOMELESS. I know it.

    None of us are immune. You can spot an alcoholic or drug addict from a “bad luck” newly homeless person with pets. IT SHOWS; its obvious. But the circumstances truly ARE irrelevant, are they not?

    Please keep food and water in your car. Don’t be afraid to stop in public places. They will not HURT YOU. They just want to EAT. They already have to worry about how and where to SLEEP and GOD knows how hot or cold it can get.

    Am I passionate about this?

    What do you think? So, yes, I do carry pet food and water and money FOR THE HOMELESS.

    It may be ME who is next……and I also believe in Karma. You may not. And this is a choice.

    CHARITY NEVER FAILITH; LOVE THY NEIGHBOR… know all this and so do I.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.

    If you ignored it all and you thing I am a nutcase, I’m sorry. I don’t care what you think of me. I JUST CARE ABOUT THIS CAUSE. DEEPLY……

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