Oliver: Is it dinner time yet?

Oliver: Feeeeeeeed meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 🙁

OMG, haven’t you noticed yet that I am camping the doorway just to get your attention for some snacks??? 🙂

What you are saying I only just had my breakfast? I don’t believe you!!! 🙁

Time to stare a bit more at you… until you feed me!


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Signed by

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief

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47 thoughts on “Oliver: Is it dinner time yet?

  1. I get that look just about every two hours. If I ignore it there is a paw tapping me on the arm or leg and if I ignore that he starts scratching furniture….he knows that gets my attention.

    1. Haha. That sounds very familiar. Oli does the whole tapping business too. Luckily no scratching furniture. His quirk is to turn the play station gaming console on or off depending on if it is or isn’t in use. 😉

  2. Our boy is always expecting more food in his bowl, even when it’s full! He just will not shut up about it (He’s a very talkative kind of cat) We sadly lost our other cat last week and he seems very annoyed at us for not putting down his second bowl of food, as I am pretty sure that’s how he saw it!

  3. Is there a reason you won’t free feed them dry food? Then they can have meals of whatever else you want to give them. Please KNOW: the last thing I will EVER do? Tell you how, what or when to feed your cat. My initials are not KS. Enough said. Oliver and Nubia are young and seem to get a lot of play time in. Just something to consider when they tell you: I AM HUNGRY NOW!!! They are not kidding…..you will not have an overweight cat when they get the love and attention and play YOUR CATS GET…..Just a thought and nothing more!

    Oh, just FEED him, please? ROFL

  4. Since I got my cat maze feeder, the ceaseless begging has declined somewhat because they don’t eat all of the food at once, they come back off and on to the feeder to graze. It doesn’t stop Vera from begging though because sometimes she needs the food love.

  5. The stare. The meow. The angry hiss, when you stumble, still half asleep in the morning, across the kitchen to the food, only to accidentally end up nudging a cat with your foot, because you didn’t know they were there, waiting at your feet, for FOOD!!! Not to mention the jumping on the bed, walking all over you while you are asleep, putting their face into your face, and Elsa’s favorite – leaping onto my sleeping form. All fifteen pounds of her! That wakes you up, let me tell you!

  6. Kommando Kitty and Snoops feel that you might be making fun of Oliver’s hunger. They think you might be jealous of his obviously superior metabolism. 🙂

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