Guest star: TeeNee

Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post introduces TeeNee to you! Another kitten that was in need of support and luckily was taken in by Quirky and his family!

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TeeNee was left in front of the door to the Gallup Animal Shelter with his sister.  They were only 3 weeks old.  They were fostered for 4 days by another person who asked us if we would foster while they took a trip for a week.  We reluctantly  said yes, knowing we probably would not be able to part with them after caring for them.  The day they were to bring us the kittens, one had died.


We took the kitten and immediately put it on a heating pad to get it warm.  It was starving, sick, and skin and bones.  We fed it warm kitten milk right away and put out a tiny cat litter box, which it quickly used.  This tiny little kitten seemed determined to live, and thinking it was a girl, we named it Tenacity, and called it Tena for short.  Later on when we realized it was a boy kitty, we called him TeeNee.
When we tried to feed him he frantically clawed and chewed at the bottle’s nipple…he was so hungry that he couldn’t just suck on it, he chewed at it until he got some kitten milk in his tummy, and all over his face and chest.  We also fed him some warm canned cat food with milk mixed in it.  We gave him this with a spoon.  After this event, he needed a bath every day for a week until he realized he could calm down and that he was going to get food.  Every three hours we got up to feed and bathe him.  He was long and lanky, even as a tiny kitten.  When he was finished with the eating process, he would go right to his warm little bed and sit there as if to say….”Well, that is lots better, thank you…” .  We knew how smart he was when he used the litter box right away, and just the way he looked at you with his big blue eyes.
Charlie Truble, our very nurturing make kitty who is 1 1/2 years old adopted him right away.  He bathed him and cleaned his little bottom, and taught him how to play.  Later on he met Quirky and they began to play.  He is a very lucky little kitty to have two wonderful older brothers to care for him and play with him.
He is now 5 months old, and is the terror of the house, getting into everything.  He weighs 5 pounds and was just neutered.  He says, “Life is Good”….

More photos can be found in the gallery below:

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49 thoughts on “Guest star: TeeNee

  1. carolynswriting says:

    Oh wow, that is quite a story – heart-breaking to think of those two kittens so young and abandoned, but TeeNee is already such a character – and such a lucky cat to meet you! Beautiful little cat and beautiful story, thank you 🙂

  2. The Road to Joy says:

    This story really makes my day! You are a stellar baby kitten dad! TeeNee is one wild and crazy guy! Good luck and God bless you for saving your little wrestler’s life!

  3. merlinjr01 says:

    All three of the cats you saw at Renaissance Musings were drop-offs in our neighborhood, and all have turned out to bright, with lots of personality. Thank your looking at our post and for following the blog.

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